Is Hiring a Nurse Resume Writer the Right Decision for Your Career?

The current situation is quite dire when it comes to the labor market. There is not enough supply to satisfy the demand for jobs. However, this may not be the same for some particular industries such as healthcare. Competition exists but it is quite manageable to get a nurse’s job in the current economic situation. Still, just like with any other job, some steps have to be covered. The first and probably one of the hardest steps is a resume. Some might think of an interview, but that’s a final stage. Having your CV noticed is quite important and complicated. The thing is – even if you are a certified to operate nurse with a bachelor’s degree, your CV can be lost among others with similar abilities as you. However, it is possible to avoid that via a great resume. This is where people are considering hiring a resume writer, although there is some hesitation – this piece is going to explain the topic in depth.

nursing students doing essay for school assignments

Why is a resume so important?

A simple answer is – recruiters take around 6 seconds to look at a resume before going to another one. This is quite a narrow time window. That is why it’s so important to make your resume stand out so you will be noticed among hundreds of other applicants who seek employment. Such a time window may seem like an insulting one, but it’s important to understand that a recruiter has to go through tons of CVs every day.

It doesn’t matter what’s your nurse specialty is – it’s about creating a great image when a recruiter picks up your resume. So, there are several things to know about to be able to make your paper look great and pick up HRs’ attention immediately:

  • Pick a resume type;
  • Pick a simple, non-fancy, font;
  • Maintain consistent formatting;
  • Maintain focus;
  • Make sure it’s mistake-free.

These rules are quite simple, but there’s always something behind them. When it comes to the resume type, there are several options: chronological, functional, and combination. A chronological is focused on displaying your career path and previous positions. Functional is about showing the skills and proficiencies. The combination is as it sounds – previous options combined.

Choosing a simple font is also important – recruiters do not like to read cursive letters that can distract from what’s really important to them. Just like with formatting, keeping everything consistent is imperative. If a resume is plagued by different bizarre fonts, images, and similar things, recruiters are highly likely to think that a candidate wants to distract them from real issues in the resume.

Maintaining focus – as simple as that. Keeping the letter focused shows a potential employer that a candidate can do so at work. Finally, making sure that it’s mistake-free is obvious – an employer wants a focused and attentive employee rather than the opposite of those things.

Why choose a professional resume writer?

As it is possible to see, writing a resume that will land an interview can be quite an exhausting and frustrating experience. That is why it might be better to consider reading reviews about best nursing resume writing services online. These companies are specialized in providing a high-quality product that is specifically tailored for the needs of a nursing professional who wants to find a job.

A professional resume writer is going to highlight one’s degree through efficient use of things such as keywords, experience highlights, voluntary services, and other things. Furthermore, a writer knows what employers are seeking in their candidates’ resumes, which means a targeted approach to every candidate.

A targeted approach is also a thing that recruiters value a lot. If they see a resume that is tailored to be sent everywhere, they are likely to put it on a shelf and never look back. However, if a letter is created specifically for industry and even company, the situation is different.

Final thoughts

All the information highlights one fact – creating a great resume to land a nursing job interview is quite complicated. This is the first and one of the most important steps on the road to employment, and recruiters have to deal with hundreds of resumes every day. This means that they don’t take a long time to consider every candidate. That is why a CV should attract attention and keep it. While there are lots of tips on how to do this, it might be better to consider hiring a professional nursing resume writer to help you out with your career.