Online BSN to DNP Degree Programs

As the medical field deals with a need for more doctors due to aging baby boomers, nurses are stepping up to help out. The line between doctors and nurses continues to blur as nurses continue to obtain advanced degrees and certifications, advancing to Advanced Practical Nurses (APN), Nurse Practitioners (NP), and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Online BSN to DNP programs are popping up to help deal with the growing demand, allowing busy medical professionals to continue to pursue further education while still keeping up with the demands of their current careers.

See the below list for featured BSN-DNP and other DNP programs. You can directly get in touch with these DNP programs and request some more information from them.

Bachelor’s to Doctorate of Nursing Practice (BSN-DNP) Program Overview

If you have obtained a BSN and worked in a clinical setting for a number of years, you may be hoping to go straight from BSN to DNP without going through the process of obtaining a master’s degree first. To do so, you’ll need to look for a bridge program that will allow you to combine all of your required hours of study, likely between 70 and 100 hours, depending on the specialty you choose.

Once you have obtained your DNP, you’ll still need to go through the process of being licensed through your state nursing board. But by going through these online BSN to DNP programs, you’ll be prepared for the next phase in your career.

Colleges with BSN to DNP Programs

Duke University accepts nurses with BSN degrees into its Doctor of Nursing Program. First you must choose your specialty, then apply to the program. As with many DNP programs, entrance can be very competitive, so apply early and prepare to possibly wait a while. Online courses are not available for all specialties, so check with the school before applying.

The University of South Alabama has a BSN to DNP program online for nine separate specialties. The school performs a drug screening and background check, although the site is not clear on whether that screening is required if you opt for online learning.

With 80-82 credit hours required, the University of Michigan-Flint has a BSN to DNP program with three specialties: Adult NP, Family NP, and Adult Psychiatric Mental Health NP. The school’s site claims campus visits are required at least once a year, but the same section says the school offers distance learning, so this may not be a requirement if you live far away from Michigan.

The University of Illinois at Chicago has a Post-Baccalaureate DNP program with more than 15 specialties. With campuses in five areas of Illinois, UIC usually teaches in a blended curriculum, combining online learning with classroom learning to give you the best education possible.

Robert Morris University has online classes, as well as a BSN to DNP programs with three tracks: Adult NP, Family NP, and Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse. RMU was the first nurse practitioner education program to be approved by the state of Pennsylvania at the DNP level.

The Medical University of South Carolina has applications online for its DNP program, which is held online. Distance learners may have a challenge in that several of its online classes may require a visit to campus, so check with the school before applying.

The University of Minnesota has an online BSN to DNP program that requires students to come to campus eight times a year for sessions. With fourteen specialties, the school has a list of admission requirements on its site, with requirements depending on your chosen specialty. Admission is highly competitive, with only some applicants chosen to come to campus for an interview, but the University of Minnesota’s nursing department has won awards for its innovative practices.

Online or Distance Learning

If you are only choosing between online BSN to DNP programs, consider checking with nursing programs in your area first, to see if DNP programs are available online. Since some schools require occasional visits to campus, it might be easier to choose a school nearby, even if you intend to do most of your coursework online. Having access to a faculty and being able to attend workshops and seminars could make choosing a school nearby well worth it.

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