What Skills Should be Included in a Nursing Resume

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Nursing is a difficult profession to study and practice but comes loaded with tons of rewards for those who prevail. Succeeding in the profession requires a delicate and wise combination of skills. When applying for a job, you need to know the skills to list on a nursing resume to be considered for a post. They must demonstrate their ability to perform various procedures in a hospital and the ability to withstand pressure in case of emergencies and professionally take on how I list my nursing skills on my resume.

Besides, they must showcase their ability to learn new technologies in handling patients and information from their daily activities. To achieve such, going through examples of nursing skills for a resume is a good place to start and to know what to write in the vital document. Thus, we have some important points that answer the question; what skills should I list on my nursing resume?

Time Management

Time is a precious commodity in a nurse’s life as a few seconds is all it takes to make a difference in the life of a patient. Thus, top of the list on what should a nursing resume include should be time management. Illustrate to your potential employers that you can efficiently manage your time when handling patients, other medical staff, and chores.


The key to keeping time has a strict professional culture. Highlight the ability to offer quality services that require no supervision to boost the overall efficiency of a hospital. Working with new patients every day requires impartiality to ensure every patient receives the services they require. Besides, maintaining a uniform code of conduct will keep you away from spending more time on a loved one or a frequent patient. Have your potential employer know you can maintain the professionalism of his facility with ease.

Communication Skills

It is imperative to have excellent communication cues properly highlighted in the resume. Thus, writing a nurse resume should be done excellently to ensure every aspect of the applicant’s capabilities is well indicated. The question for most candidates or students is, how do I list nursing skills on my resume? The simple answer is examined by the complexity of a nurse’s duties that involve listening and executing a doctor’s instruction to a patient. Hence, nurses must highlight the best communication skills if their application is to get considered.

Critical Thinking skills

Healthcare is a serious field that demands solving puzzles while administering medication and other procedures to patients. Win the heart of your potential employer by creating a small scene that requires critical thinking and offers the most suitable solution. The skill is valuable as you are demanded to think through your decisions even as you list nursing skills for your resume.


Not all patients who visit a hospital are kind or polite, hence the need for being patient and kind to search persons as they equally need excellent health care. The ability to listen and be considerate of misbehaving should not just be mentioned shown in the resume.

Observation Skills

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

A nurse needs to have excellent observation skills as a patient might leave out important details when narrating a problem. Highlight such abilities by checking for every detail in the employers’ description to guide your nursing assistant resume skills.  


Nurses tend to have busy schedules nearly all the time. Thus, the ability to endure through extended shifts is crucial as it could mean the difference between life and death. Besides, a nurse who is not in good physical condition cannot offer care to patients. You can achieve that by highlighting your workout sessions as skills to put on a nursing resume

Cultural Awareness

For any practicing nurse, you must give culture the importance it deserves. As part of nursing skills to list on resume, show how well you know your potential patients’ culture. People with different cultural beliefs will respond differently to various scenarios. These views have a way into a patient’s health and recovery. You are likely to find some male patients who are hesitant to be handled by female nurses.

Hence, it would be best if you displayed your ability to handle such patients and treat them without disrespecting them. Remember skills for resume nursing, is not a matter of listing a few items on paper but an affirmation on what you believe in and practice. Besides, demonstrate how such nursing skills on a resume are helpful to an institution. Also, recognize your area of biases and the steps you have taken to overcome the same challenges to make your resume impactful in your career.


Finally, when writing resume nursing skills, remember to be truthful in every item you write, and give practical solutions to the problems. Make your work sweet to the eyes by giving it a sense of hope and resilience. Make writing and including skills for nursing resume a significant process that demands all your attention and focus as it is the key to submitting a comprehensive document. Remember to consult various professionals on your resume’s quality to ensure you have better chances of getting hired.