Types of Nursing Careers Archive

Nurse Executive

Learn what it takes to become a nurse executive. Find out what salaries are offered, what education requirements and what job prospects are for a nurse executive.

Nurse Educator

Are you thinking about advancing your career and becoming a nurse educator? Discover the education needed, the salaries offered and the opportunities open for the skilled nurse educator.

Neonatal Nurse

Discover if a career as a neonatal nurse is for you. Learn what the salary is for this speciality and certifications and education requirements are for the neonatal nurse.

Missionary Nurse

Have you wondered if becoming a missionary nurse is for you? Find out the education requirements, salary and job description for a missionary nurse today.

Military Nurse

If the prospect of having your nursing school paid for and serving your country is appealing, then you will want to learn more about becoming a military nurse. Find out what to expect in a career as military nurse.

Medical Surgical Nurse

If you are looking for information on how to become a medical surgical Nurse then continue reading. Learn what the salary, job description and education requirements are for the medical surgical nurse.

maternity nurse

Find out what a career as a maternity nurse has to offer you. Learn what salary to expect, what schooling is required and if there are any jobs after training completion.

Lactation Consultant

Does a career as a lactation consult sound exciting, interesting or well paid? Learn what the lactation consultant salary is, how much schooling is required and how to become a professional in this field.

Flight Nurse

A career as a Flight Nurse can be both well paid and fulfilling. Find out about the salary, education requirements and job prospects for a Transport Nurse.

Emergency Nurse

An exciting career as an Emergency Nurse (ER Nurse) can be both well paid and professionally fulfilling. Jumpstart your nursing career and find out about the salary and job prospects for the Emergency Room Nurse.

Domestic Violence Nurse

If you enjoy a challenge and have empathy the job of a domestic violence nurse could be just the right career choice. Learn about education requirements, certifications and salaries for this skilled nursing specialty.

Diabetes Nurse

Does the career of a Diabetes nurse intrigue you? Discover what the job prospects, salary and education and certification requirements are for a Diabetes nurse today.

Developmental Disabilities Nurse

Are you considering a career in the challenging role of a Developmental Disabilities Nurse? Learn what schooling and certifications are necessary for the developmental disabilities nurse and what the career outlook and salaries can be.

Hematology Nurse

Learn about what is involved in a career as a Hematology nurse. Find out what education is required of a Hematology nurse and the salary potential for this specialty.

Dermatology Nurse

Are you considering a new career as a dermatology nurse or are you deciding on a nursing specialty. Learn about the required certification, salary of a dermatology nurse and much more.

Forensic Nurse

Have you been thinking of an out of the ordinary nursing career, then Forensic nurse specialist may be right. Learn about the job duties, salary, education requirements and career prospects of the Forensic Nurse.

Critical Care Nurse

Discover the most direct path to becoming a critical care nurse whether you are a new student or changing careers entirely. Learn what the job prospects and salaries are for a Critical Care Nurse to help you decide if this …

Community Health Nurse

Discover the potential of the Community Health Nurse Career track. Learn what the education requirements, certification requirements and job prospects are for this skilled nursing job.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The career of a clinical nurse specialist may be the one for you, find out how to become a clinical nurse specialist and what the salary and career outlook are, in this specialized nursing career.

Clinical Nurse Leader

Are you ready to realize your career potential by becoming a clinical nurse leader? Learn about the advanced courses and schools which can prepare you as a clinical nurse leader.

Case Management Nurse

Considering a career as a case management nurse? Learn about the schooling, certifications, salary and advancement potential available to the qualified Case Management Nurse.

camp nurse

Are you considering a career or a seasonal job as a camp nurse? Learn about the educational requirements as well as job opportunities available for the camp nurse.

Infection Control Nurse

Infection Control Nurse Jobs are booming. If you want to learn how to become an infection control nurse read more and learn what the career outlook, salary and educational requirements to start in this career.

Home Health Nurse

Discover the career potential of a Home Health Nurse. Learn what requirements are for education, what the salary is and about advancement potential for the home health nurse.

Ambulatory Care Nurse

Discover how the challenging career as an ambulatory care nurse may be closer than you believe. Learn what to look for in a program for Ambulatory Care Nurse and what you can earn when you graduate.
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