Women Scholarships

Finding the Best Women Scholarships
It can be challenging to identify the best women scholarships for nursing school.  It takes dedication and the ability to research to find scholarships that women can use for undergraduate and graduate nursing education as well as continuing nursing education.

Following are examples of scholarships available specifically for women interested in pursuing careers in nursing at any level. Women should consider other scholarship opportunities that may not target nursing students but can be awarded to women enrolled in accredited nursing programs.  Examples of these resources are provided for your information.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Low-income women who are at least 35 years old and interested in pursuing higher education as a means to improve their lives and that of their children may be eligible for financial assistance from the Foundation.  Men are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.  The Women’s Scholarship Fund is comprised of multiple scholarships including the Jeannette Rankin Award, Sunshine Lady Award, and the Mabel Davison Award.  Only undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens can apply – there are no geographic restrictions.  Scholarships are based on application information, personal essay that outlines goals, and documented financial need.  Applications are typically due to the Foundation by the beginning of March annually. Award amounts vary.  For applications, contact the Foundation at 1 Huntington Road, Suite 701, Athens, GA 30606 or by calling (706) 208-1211.

Educational Institute Scholarships for Women

When you initially receive admission to a nursing program, you are likely to request financial assistance through the school’s financial aid office. Although most nursing scholarships are gender neutral, donors who establish scholarship funds are permitted to restrict eligibility based on a variety of criteria, including gender. Following is an example of an educational institution that is not an all-female school and offers scholarships specifically for women.

Belmont University (Tennessee)

Female students enrolled in the School of Nursing through the Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing may be eligible to apply for a Lois H. Cobb Endowed Scholarship to help with nursing school tuition.  Applicants must be at least 36 years old and be able to demonstrate financial need in order to apply.  Awards typically range from $500 to $2,000.  Applications are usually required to be submitted by mid-February annually and are available from the School of Nursing by calling (615) 460-6139.

Corporate Scholarship Programs for Women

Corporate scholarship programs differ from employer-sponsored nursing scholarship programs in the sense that corporate programs are more likely to focus on a cause or specific population.  In contrast, employer-sponsored scholarships are typically for employees or their children.  Scholarships available to the general public most often relate to the employer’s business mission.  Following is an example of a corporate scholarship program that women seeking nursing scholarships may be interested in applying for if they meet all eligibility requirements.

Talbots Charitable Foundation

The Foundation awards scholarships to women who have been accepted into any undergraduate degree program at a college or university, including nursing school, anywhere the country.  Applicants must be mature women who have commenced their education later in life as determined by having received their high school diploma or equivalent at least ten years prior to the date of application.  Scholarship awards are $10,000. The Talbots Scholarship Program is administered through Scholarship America who can be reached at (800) 537-4180.

Community-Based Scholarships for Women

Similar to nursing scholarships available through nursing schools, community-based nursing scholarships are usually gender neutral.  However, when donors establish scholarship funds at community foundations, it is not uncommon for them to include gender as an eligibility criterion.  This occurs most often when scholarships are created in memory of a particular nurse or other individual. Following are examples of community-based Funds that offer scholarships specifically for women.

Augustus & Kathleen Barrows Memorial and Trust Fund

The Fund awards scholarships to women who are under the age of 25 and are residents of Vermont.  Applicants must be accepted into an accredited program prior to application submission. Nursing students who meet these criteria can apply for financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded basic on academic scores, documented financial need, and letters of recommendation.  Award amounts vary but generally do not exceed $1,000.  Applications are generally due to the Fund by July annually.  For additional information, write the Fund at 271 South Union Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Jean B. Duerr Memorial Fund

Female residents of Virginia enrolled in accredited educational programs, including nursing schools, in the state are the only eligible applicants for Fund scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded based primarily on financial need.  Award amounts are $1,500.  Completed scholarship applications are usually due to the Fund by March annually.  To get an application, contact the Fund, c/o The National Bank of Blacksburg, P.O. Box 90002, Blacksburg, VA 24062.   Submit applications to the Fund, c/o Chapter AU, Virginia – P.E.O. Sisterhood, P.O. Box 10415, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

The Arise Charitable Trust

The Trust provides scholarships to women who live in South Whidbey Island in Washington.  Men are ineligible applicants for this scholarship opportunity.  Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, documented need for financial assistance, and letters of recommendation.  All applicants must complete and include a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as their tax information with their scholarship applications. Nursing students who meet these eligibility requirements can apply to the Trust for assistance. Awards range from $200 to $2,000.  For applications, contact the Trust at P.O. Box, Freeland, WA 98249.

There are multiple approaches to take when seeking women scholarships to help pay for your nursing education. Think creatively when researching potential scholarship opportunities.  Use every resource available to get as much financial assistance as possible.