William Carey University Nursing School Review

Named after the Father of Modern Missions, William Carey University (WCU) was initially a women’s college. It remained as a college educating women from 1906 until 1954 when it was transformed into a co-ed college hence, offering higher education to both men and women. The college became a fully pledged university with its current name in 2006. It is a church university of the Baptist Missionaries.

Joseph and Nancy Fail Nursing School Programs

The school offers nursing programs from three campuses of William Carey University; New Orleans, Hattiesburg and Tradition campuses. Joseph and Nancy Fail School of nursing has been approved to offer nursing degrees by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing for the New Orleans campus and the Mississippi Board of Nursing. Programs on offer are also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The School has baccalaureate and graduate nursing tracks and a post master’s certificate program.

Baccalaureate Program

The entry level baccalaureate program is offered in the Hattiesburg and New Orleans Campuses. It is a four- year Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) track that prepares students for initial licensure as registered nurses. The program requires 120 credit units to complete, 59 of which are of nursing majors and 61 for general education and liberal arts courses. A high percent of liberal arts and Christian domain courses is evident during the first two years at nursing school.

Completion of the program allows makes students eligible to write the NCLEX-RN exam and receive initial licensure as registered nurses besides being awarded a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

RN-BSN Program

The RN to BSN program at William Carey gives a chance to registered nurses to complete a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree in 12 months. Students are required to have graduated from a nationally accredited diploma or associate degree nursing program in addition to having an unrestricted RN license.

In recognition of the RN license, students receive 31 credit hours towards the BSN degree and additionally complete 21 hours of upper division nursing credits. 79 prerequisite credits are required for RNs, most of which can be received transferred from the diploma or associate degree program as applicable. The 12 months period is meant for completion of the nursing upper division component but prerequisites courses can be completed in a period of up-to six years. Courses for the RN- BSN program are available in all campuses, Hattiesburg, New Orleans and Tradition and are offered in a web-enhanced online format to cater for working RNs.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program

There is only one Masters of Science in nursing track at William Carey University. This program is offered in Hattiesburg and Tradition campuses only. Students wishing to study at the Tradition campus are admitted in spring while those for Hattiesburg Campus are admitted in fall. It has both full time and part time study options but all courses must be completed within six years. The nursing specialty available is the Nurse Educator track.

Post Masters Program

There is also has a post masters certificate program option for MSN prepared nurses. The graduate program is for those who want to have a post master’s certificate in nursing education.

Night/Saturday Program

It is important to note that nursing students can enroll for night/Saturday classes for all the nursing degree options in all campuses. However, the night/ Saturday nursing program is only offered during the spring trimester and courses can only be completed in the initially chosen campus for that specific semester.

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