Western University of Health Sciences Nursing School Review

Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) has been educating health care professionals since 1977. The College of Graduate Nursing was begun in 1998.

Nursing Programs

Associate Degree to Masters (ADN to MSN)

The Associate Degree in Nursing to Master of Science in Nursing (ADN to MSN) program is offered for nurses who wish to pursue their graduate education while they continue working and have commitments which don’t allow them to return to school full time. This associates degree to masters in nursing program is web based (online), and especially beneficial for students who live in rural areas or who are active-duty military. Students will participate in web-based courses, twice a semester weekend sessions at the Pomona campus, and clinical training close to home with supervision by an approved preceptor.

The program will take most students two to three years to complete. After graduation, they will have an MSN degree. The program requires between 45 and 80 units required to complete, depending on the track the student chooses to follow. Students may study Health Systems Leadership – Administrative Nurse Leader (ANL), Health Systems Leadership – Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), Ambulatory Care (AMB), or Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

MSN Entry (MSN-E)

The MSN-E program is structured to enable students with bachelor’s degrees in another field enter nursing. After successful completion of the program, students will earn an MSN degree, and be prepared to take the state licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

Students will spend 16 months studying nursing and preparing for the RN licensing exam. The pre-licensure part of the program requires 61 units to complete. After passing the exam and becoming licensed, they will work as an RN while pursuing their graduate degree.

The MSN-E program offers students the chance to take three semesters of courses per year, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the program. Students may choose from Health Systems Leadership – Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), Health Systems Leadership – Administrative Nurse Leader (ANL), Ambulatory Care (AMB), and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) as their area of emphasis. This part of the program ranges from 35 to 70 units, depending on the emphasis chosen.

MSN Health Systems Leadership-Administrative Nurse Leader (ANL)

The MSN ANL program is another flexible, web-based program, ideal for nurses who are on active duty military, who wish to keep working, or who have commitments that keep them from attending school full time. This program has online courses and requires students to attend two weekend sessions per semester at the Pomona campus.

This program prepares students for effective leadership roles in health care. Graduates will have met the course requirements to be certified as a nurse administrator.

This program requires 35 units of coursework to complete for graduation.

MSN Health Systems Leadership-Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

The MSN CNL is a web-based, flexible program that has courses online and requires students to attend two weekend sessions per semester at the Pomona campus, as well as complete a preceptored clinical practicum.

Students who complete this program will obtain advanced clinical and leadership skills in health care. This program has 51 units required for graduation.

MSN Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Another flexible program for nurses, the MSN FNP program is also a combination of online coursework, two weekend sessions per semester at the Pomona campus, and supervised clinical training in the student’s local area.

This program is a two to three year course of study, depending on whether it’s taken full time or part time. The program requires completing 65 units to graduate.

MSN Completion

The MSN Completion course is aimed at nurses with a BSN degree who are already certified as family or specialty nurse practitioners. When taken full time, students can complete this program in one year.  This is designed to be a flexible program for nurses with other commitments, and has web based online courses, and two weekend sessions per semester at the Pomona campus. The program requires 30 units of courses for graduation.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The DNP program prepares students for future roles in health care to evaluate, design, and improve how care is delivered.

The DNP program is a two year, self-directed learning program with web based courses, collaborative projects in the student’s community, and two weekend seminars per semester at the Pomona campus. The program requires 31 units and a dissertation for graduation.


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