West Kentucky Community and Technical College Nursing Program Review

West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) is a two-year college located in Paducah, Kentucky. It was established in 2003 when Paducah Community College and West Kentucky Technical College consolidated, but its roots go back to 1932. This is when Paducah Community College was established as a private school. It became a public college in 1936.

West Kentucky Technical College was established as a training school for African American students in 1909. Today, WKCTC offers more than 200 programs that lead to associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. A transfer program that is designed to transfer into a bachelor’s degree is also available in three different associate degree programs. Students complete the required courses for the bachelor’s degree at WKCTC and the final two years at a four-year university or college.

Nursing Programs

Medicaid Nurse Aide

This program takes one semester to complete and is required for those hoping to enter the Registered Nursing program. There are no special admission requirements for this program that leads to a certificate. The program is also referred to as Nursing Assistant Skills I. Graduates of the program may take the state competency test to be placed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.

Kentucky Medication Aide

Five credits are required for this program, and it takes one semester to complete. Applicants to the program must be high school graduates or have their GED or Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). An ACT score of 16 or higher is also acceptable. Compass scores of 34 or above in math and 76 or higher in reading are also required. In addition, applicants should have at least six months of experience working as a nurse aide within the past two years. Students who have completed the Medicaid Nurse Aide program may complete this course to administer medications in a long-term care facility under the supervision of a LPN or RN.

Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant works under the supervision of the LPN or RN and performs a wide range of duties, including moving patients, collecting specimens, and caring for patient hygiene and comfort. There are admission requirements for those who want to enter the Nursing Assistant program, including a TB test within six months of beginning class, a background check, liability insurance, drug screen, plus uniforms and textbooks. Students must also complete either the Nurse Assistant program or the Medicaid Nurse Aide if they plan to work in a nursing home. Students must also complete basic courses, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Computer Literacy, and Communications. Applicants must have ACT scores of 20 in reading, 18 in writing, or 19 in math to qualify for this program. This program leads to an Advanced Nursing Assistant Certificate and 16 credits are required for completion of the program.

Practical Nursing Program

WKCTC also offers a practical nursing program for those who want to work as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) after completing the program. LPNs work in almost all healthcare settings, including long-term care, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, hospitals, and others. Three semesters of study are required to finish the program, and graduates receive a Diploma in Practical Nursing. The graduate then takes the national certification examination, the NCLEX-PN to become licensed as a Practical Nurse. Admission to this program is competitive, and students are admitted on the basis of points accumulated.

The admission process requires that applicants submit an application with an official transcript from high school or their GED score. They must also submit an official transcript for any college level work that has been completed. An admissions test is also required, as well as a pre-admission conference. Those with the highest ACT or COMPASS scores are admitted to the program. Applicants must also have passed the Medicaid Nurse Aide course and be listed in an active status on the Medicaid Nurse Aide Registry. CPR for Healthcare Professionals is also required.

Associate Degree Nursing Program

The college also offers an Associate Degree Nursing program that leads to an Associate of Applied Science Nursing (AASN). It takes two years to complete the program. Graduates take the NCLEX-RN for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). Admission to the program is competitive and is based on a point scale. Points are assigned to applicants for their ACT and NLN scores as well as on their Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam and their grade point average from high school and from the prerequisite courses that are required for entry into the nursing program. Five additional points are given to Kentucky residents.

Applicants must attend a pre-admission nursing conference that is held with the nursing program coordinator. They must also apply to the college for admission and submit official transcripts of high school and any college work that has been completed, as well as ACT and other test scores. Applicants may use their test scores from one of three sources. These are the ACT, the NLN Pre-admission RN Exam, or Evolve Admission Assessment Exam. There are prerequisite courses that must be completed before beginning the nursing program, but students may apply to the program before completing these.

An admissions point scale is used to select students for the program that is based on several things. Kentucky residents are selected before out-of-state applicants. It is required that applicants have a grade point average of at 3.0 in high school or any college courses taken. They must also have an ACT score of at least 20 or an acceptable score on one of the other two admissions tests. Students with at least 12 credits of college courses are awarded extra points, so it is to the applicant’s advantage to begin courses at the college before applying. Those who are admitted take liberal arts and nursing courses. They also work in various healthcare facilities to complete their clinical experience. An Associate in Applied Science Nursing (AASN) degree is awarded when they graduate from the program.

LPN to RN Program

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) may also apply for admission to the Registered Nursing (RN) associate degree program. They must follow the standard nursing admission process. Up to nine credits may be awarded through advanced standing if the LPN has graduated from an accredited LPN program within the last three years. A current unrestricted LPN license is also required. Those who have worked more than three years may also apply, but they must be currently employed as an LPN and have an unrestricted license. One year of employment as an LPN within the last three years is required.

To earn credit for the second semester nursing course, the student must successfully pass Nursing 210 with a grade of C or better. It is also required that the student must earn a passing score on the National League for Nursing Accelerated Challenge Exam I and complete the two credit Nursing 199-Accelerated Transition PN-ADN Bridge Course. This is a Practical Nurse (PN) to Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) Bridge Course. If a grade of C or better is earned in this course, the student will receive six additional credits and may begin the third semester nursing courses. The Bridge Course is offered during the summer semester, and most of the work is completed over the Internet. There are only nine to ten days that students must attend class on campus. After completing the LPN-RN program, LPNs take the NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses.

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