Washtenaw Community College Nursing Program Review

After establishing an immediate need of a community college, the legislature of Washtenaw County voted for the establishment of Washtenaw Community College (WCC). Back in 1965, the history of this community college began to unfold. Washtenaw Community college has a mission of bringing affordable higher education to the residents of Southeastern Michigan and the Country at large. For career starters or lifelong learning, the college will meet your educational needs.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Washtenaw community college school of nursing and health sciences offers two-year and certificate level nursing programs. The programs are designed for students who want to get an entry level point into the nursing profession or those seeking transfer to four-year programs at major universities. The programs have been accredited by the National League on Nursing Accrediting Commission and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. The programs offered are broadly explained below:

Nursing, Registered Associate in Applied Science

This is an occupational based nursing program route that leads to the award of an associate degree. The program trains students for five semesters to be in a position to write the NCLEX-RN exam upon which they can become registered nurses. It is a full time program that requires a minimum of 72 credits to complete. The program has articulation agreements with the University of Michigan-Flint and Eastern Michigan University BSN degrees.

Nursing Transfer (EMU School of Nursing)

This is basically a transfer degree program from Washtenaw community college that enables students have a smooth transition to the Eastern Michigan University. The most peculiar aspect of this program is that students are not eligible to write the NCLEX-RN exam until full completion of the Baccalaureate program from EMU. It is therefore important for students to note that no licensure will be granted until then. The program requires a total of 77 credits hours of full time curriculum coverage, upon which, students graduate with an associate of applied science degree and an immediate transfer to EMU for completion. Students who get the transition into EMU continue with third-year nursing students of EMU.


Washtenaw Community College had a similar nursing program articulation with the University of Michigan- Flint where students did not receive licensure as RNs until completion of the UM BSN. The program has however been discontinued and the last lot of that program will be of 2012 fall semester.

Nursing Assistant Skills Training

This is a relatively short- three week training program covering 4 credits of basic nursing skills. The program trains students to work as Certified Nurse Aides via intense clinical and lab exposure. The nursing department requires 100% mandatory physical classroom and clinical sessions’ attendance for both the weekend and full time students.

Lifelong Learning

At Washtenaw Community College, registered nurses have the chance of earning contact hours essential for their license renewal. Students seeking their 25 contact hours for Licenses renewal in Michigan can do so by enrolling for the 13 CEUs at the college. It is also worth noting that the college has RN refresher courses meant for RNs who want to advance their nursing skills or those making a comeback after a long break. For those interested in phlebotomy as an entry point in nursing, the Lifelong Learning Centre at Washtenaw can help you earn a certificate in phlebotomy.

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