Washington Hospital School of Nursing Program Review

Since 1897, The Washington Hospital School of Nursing (WHSN, WHSON) has been training prospective nurses through its diploma program. The School of Nursing, like the Washington Hospital School of Radiologic Technology and the Family Medicine Residency Program, are part of The Washington Hospital, a regional healthcare leader in southwest Pennsylvania.

Since the foundation of the School of Nursing (SON), more than 4000 nurses have successfully completed the program and gone into the nursing profession. The diploma in nursing program holds accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and approval from the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. Here is a review of the available program:

Diploma in Nursing Program Overview

The Washington Hospital School of Nursing offers a diploma in nursing program that prepares graduates to work as Registered Nurses (RN). The program takes twenty-eight consecutive months to complete. Incoming students begin in the fall, taking background classes in anatomy, nutrition, composition, CPR, psychology, and microbiology at the nearby Waynesburg University. In the following spring, students start with their first nursing class through the School of Nursing, while continuing to take general education courses at Waynesburg University. The remainder of the program, which includes the following two summer semesters, the following two fall semesters, and the following spring semester, focuses on nursing skills and clinical rotations. At the conclusion of the program, a student is eligible to take the National Council Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX_RN). If successful, he may begin his career as an RN.

Alternatively, he or she can pursue a full Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree through an RN to BSN bridge program. If he chooses this route, he will have thirty-four credit hours from Waynesburg University that he can transfer, on top of any advanced placement credits that he receives for nursing classes.

Diploma of Nursing Program – LPN Transition

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) may advance in her career by becoming an RN. The Washington Hospital School of Nursing offers the LPN Transition program for LPNs who wishes to do this. Prior to beginning the program, the incoming LPN must complete the background, general education classes, and successfully pass an exam that tests her nursing skills. Once the background classes and the test are completed, she can complete the nursing portion of the diploma program in just sixteen months.  

Diploma Programs – General Information

Although diploma programs used to be the most common way of training new nurses, they are less prevalent now; many schools have begun offering associate degrees instead. However, prospective nurses should not overlook the advantages of diploma nursing programs. In general, a diploma program is slightly longer than an associate-degree program. The Washington Hospital School of Nursing program, for example, is twenty-eight months long, as opposed to a twenty-four-month, traditional associate-degree program. Diploma programs, tied to hospitals, have a stronger emphasis on clinical practice. The clinical portion of The Washington Hospital School of Nursing’s program, for example, begins in the second semester. And since diploma programs are generally tied to colleges, as is the diploma program through the Washington Hospital School of Nursing, a student can earn credits toward a BSN degree while completing a diploma program.

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