Wallace State Community College Nursing Program Review

Wallace State Community College is a student-oriented place of higher education that has served its community for years and plans to for years to come. Housing is available onsite with campus security for the students’ peace of mind. This institution also offers a wellness center on campus in case of an emergency.

Wallace State Community College Nursing Program Review

Wallace State Community College offers two different courses of study under the traditional nursing definition. These programs are designed to prepare students, both with training in the classroom and training in the field through clinical experiences, to deal with the situations that nurses are put into daily. The programs are strategically planned in order to give the student a blend of general education knowledge as well as nursing-specific knowledge. The main goal of the nursing program at Wallace State Community College is to produce critical thinking, intuitive, caring, and compassionate members of the nursing industry who will provide a fresh outlook and technology training associated with the modern nursing profession.

Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)

In the Licensed Practical Nursing Program offered at Wallace State Community College, students are taught the necessary skills to be the primary caregiver for a range of patients who coverages from birth to late adulthood. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) are overseen by Registered Nurses and other medical professionals. Basic care is the primary responsibility of an LPN. If the student is unsure about whether or not they want to go into the LPN program, Wallace State Community College has set up a Pre-Nursing Advisement center in order to help students make the correct decision in choosing this program. This program fuses classroom instruction as well as clinical work to help train students. The goal of this program is to prepare students to take the national licensing test in order to gain the title of Licensed Practical Nurse. Upon successful passing of the program and the exam, students can either seek employment as an LPN or go on to continue their education. In some cases, students choose to work as an LPN while continuing their education. Most generally, some work experience is required before continuing education can be acquired.

Registered Nursing (RN) – Associate in Applied Sciences Degree (AAS)

Wallace State Community College also offers the Pre-Nursing Advisement Center for students who are interested in becoming an RN.  RNs function under the direction of doctors providing patients with care through the operation of machinery, providing the patient with health care education and emotional support, communicating with the patients’ friends and family, and aiding in the rehab services for the patient during recovery times. RNs can work in long-term care facilities as well as emergency care units. The goal of this program is to prepare the student to take the national licensure exam in order to gain the title of RN. Completion of the program does not necessarily mean that a student will be able to take the exam. After completion of the program and passing the exam, students can then go out into the workforce to gain employment in a health care facility as an RN.


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