Venango Technology Center Nursing Program Review

Venango Technology Center (VTC, Venango Tech) in Pennsylvania, also known as Venango County Area Vocational Technical School (VCAVT), was developed to mainly speak to the occupational and educational needs of near-by area students from the Cranberry, East and West Forest, Franklin, Oil City, Titusville, and Valley Grove School Districts. The school offers several programs from which to choose that provide career-building technical skills and solid academics.

Nursing Program Review

Venango Technology Center’s Nursing Program is among the most popular of the institutions occupational training offerings. This program is offered to the adult and continuing studies students that choose VTC for their educational and career opportunities. Covering both general education and fundamental Nursing concepts, the Nursing Program prepares students to fulfill the role of generalist in the healthcare field. Students are encouraged to pursue their aspirations through both a sound curriculum and dedicated faculty.

Practical Nursing Program

Nurses are in incredibly high demand in today’s workforce. With the lengthening of life expectancy and constant change in the healthcare field, there is an ever-growing need for skilled, passionate nurses. There are many levels within the Nursing profession, each offering support to the others and to the other medical professionals within the treatment team. VTC’s Nursing Program prepares students to seek employment as entry-level nurses, known as Licensed Practical Nurses. These nurses offer basic bedside and life care to a wide variety of both acute and chronic patients. Practical Nurses hold responsibilities such as monitoring patient condition, performing simple procedures, administering some forms of medication and providing dignified life care such as bathing, feeding and dressing patients. LPN’s work under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses and are an important element of treatment plans, particularly on a personal level. Whole-patient treatment involves not just the application of medical treatment but addressing emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs of each individual patient and his loved ones.

Length of the Program

The Nursing Program at Venagno Technical Center is a rigorous program that offers students a fast path to fulfilling employment. This intensive course of study covers approximately 11 months, from late August until early June. In these months students will follow 2 semesters of progressing difficulty. At the end of this program students will be prepared for licensure exams that will qualify them for immediate employment.

Course of Study

The Practical Nursing Program at Venango Technology Center is designed to provide students a general education into the roles and responsibilities of Nursing. Students will engage in both classroom lecture and clinical experience instructional formats, with the clinical experiences being offered at area medical settings. These clinical hours offer students hands-on practice applying the concepts covered in the theory portion of the course. At the end of the program students will learn about the particular issues and concerns that apply to careers in the field of nursing, bringing their knowledge out of the abstract and into applicable understanding.

Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in participating in the Practical Nursing Program must follow a specific admission procedure. A completed Venango Technology Center application must be submitted along with two references that speak to the abilities and aptitudes of the applicant as well as official transcripts from the applicant’s high school or records from an approved secondary program. Applicants must also offer documentation of good physical health and lack of criminal offenses. Finally, applicants must earn satisfactory scores on the placement examination and engage in a personal interview with department faculty. Prior to the first day of classes students must have valid CPR certification.

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