University of Pittsburgh at Titusville Nursing School Review

University of Pittsburgh at Titusville (UPT, Pitt-Titusville) is one of a large network of campuses and schools in Pennsylvania associated with the world-renowned University of Pittsburgh. The main school was established in 1787 as a tiny private academy. In its over 220 years the University has grown from its log cabin beginnings to a technologically advanced series of schools and programs providing its thousands of students tremendous opportunity for educational and personal growth.

Nursing Program Review

The University of Pittsburgh-Titusville Nursing Program exhibits the University’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence through both its faculty and curriculum. The program is continuously evaluated and adjusted to keep up with the changes in the field of nursing, and offers students unsurpassed opportunity for instruction in both theoretical and clinical Nursing concepts. Students are able to experience the field while still pursuing education. This comprehensive program produces exceptionally high pass rates on the NCLEX, the national state board exam that earns graduates licensure as Registered Nurses.

Associate of Science in Nursing Degree Program

Registered Nurses provide an essential level of care to medical teams. These nurses directly supervise Licensed Practical Nurses and cooperate with medical professionals such as dentists, physicians and Nurse Practitioners to offer individualized treatment and care to a wide variety of patients. With experience and continued training Registered Nurses are able to progress through to more complex responsibilities and specialized roles within the field of nursing. The University of Pittsburgh-Titusville’s Nursing Program is designed to give generalists a strong foundation of liberal arts and sciences along with core Nursing concepts to produce skilled beginning-level nurses. This foundation also allows interested graduates to pursue furthered educational and training opportunities through other institutions.

Course of Study

UPT provides both lecture and clinical instruction in its Nursing Program. This program is structured into five semesters, including one summer term, offered over the course of two academic years. Each semester is a blend of general education courses in liberal arts and sciences as well as fundamental Nursing knowledge. Students are presented with progressively more difficult courses of study as they work through the program which culminates in a course discussing the roles and responsibilities, as well as the trends and issues, of a career in the contemporary field of nursing. This course will prepare students to face not just the technical and clinical aspects of their future careers but the emotional, cultural and interpersonal stresses as well. Students are expected to maintain a high degree of performance throughout the course of study in order to remain a part of the competitive Nursing Program. Successful completion of this program earns graduates an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree.

Admission Requirements

In order to produce the highest quality nursing professionals, Pitt-Titusville has a selective admissions process. Students must fulfill all requirements before enrolling in the Nursing Program. Admission depends on both academic and personal qualifications. From an academic perspective, students must provide documentation of graduation from high school or an approved secondary education program, satisfactory aptitude and entrance exam scores and adequate preparation for the course work of the program. Students should also be aware that the nature of the Nursing profession requires certain moral and ethical characteristics as well as good physical and mental health. Demonstration of these is required and can be accomplished through a comprehensive physical examination and compliance with any recommendations from a medical professional as well as Criminal, Child Abuse, Drug and Background Clearance. Finally, prior to the first day of classes enrolled students must hold valid CPR Certification and adequate health insurance.

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