University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by Cambridge graduate Dr. John Sperling with the sole purpose of providing convenient class times and educational opportunity for working adults.  Though their online campus didn’t open until 1989, years before students were required to type papers, they were far ahead of their competitors.

As the self-proclaimed largest private university with over 200 locations, the University of Phoenix is recognized by many as the cream-of-the-crop of online universities.  University of Phoenix has a wide range of academic programs such as technology, psychology, and education offered through 7 colleges and 2 schools.  Campuses are located in over 40 states including California, Alabama, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio and the country of Puerto Rico.

Overview of Programs, Certificates, and Degree

  • 2 bachelor’s, 5 master’s, and continuing education courses.
  • Prerequisite is an associate’s degree in Nursing.
  • 1 bachelor’s degree and 4 master’s degrees, and 1 doctoral degree are available to be completed completely online.
  • Scholarships available.

Campus-based Programs

Being such a large institution, the University of Phoenix claims to have campus locations within ten miles of over 85 million Americans.  It is very likely that the University of Phoenix has an online campus near you. The LPN/LVN to BSN degree program is currently offered in Denver, Colorado; Honolulu, Hawaii; Modesto, California and Phoenix, Arizona.  The LPN/LNV to BSN program at the University of Phoenix allows nurses who only hold a diploma to pursue a bachelor’s degree directly.  The course includes clinical, hands-on training in simulation labs, women’s health, surgical, pediatric and psychological nursing.

Online Nursing Degrees

The College of Nursing at the University of Phoenix is newly separated from the College of Health and Human Services at the University of Phoenix.  The new College of Nursing will make room for a host of new academic programs including a revised Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program, and new specialties in the graduate programs.  Other initiatives the university seeks to implement including expanding geographically, offering new nurse practitioner programs, and establishing continuing education programs. Student outcomes for the undergraduate nursing programs at the University of Phoenix include Assessment, Communication and Critical Thinking.  Graduate programs include the same outcomes with the addition of Clinical Decision Making.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing

University of Phoenix’s online RN to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program caters to a working nurses’ busy schedule.  This program is designed to enhance and further develop the nurse’s knowledge through providing a foundation in the physical sciences and liberal arts. The online program includes clinical practicums delivered through Pearson education.

Duration and Cost

The program ranges in cost from $25,350.00 – $63,800.00 and requires approximately 120 credits to complete, though less may be necessary if credits are transferred in.

Online Master’s Degrees in Nursing

The University of Phoenix offers a variety of nursing programs with varying specialties. The University also offers a bridge program allowing nurses with a bachelor’s degree in another field to pursue a master’s of science degree in nursing through taking a few bridge courses, which then allows them to pursue one of the programs of study below.

Master’s of Science in Nursing

The online MSN in Nursing degree prepares nurses holding a bachelor’s degree with the skills necessary to assume leadership in practice or educational settings.  The classes focus on enhancing the nurse’s knowledge of their role while providing leadership training.

Duration and Cost

The program requires 39 credits and ranges in tuition from $19,285 to $50,000.

Master’s of Science in Nursing-Informatics

The MSN-Informatics specialization focuses on understanding the history of informatics, how to select and implement an information system, and how informatics shapes the healthcare practice.

Duration and Cost

The online master’s program with informatics specialization requires 39 credits and ranges in tuition from $19,285 to $50,000.

Master’s of Science/Master of Business Administration in Nursing- Health Care Management

A very unique dual-degree, the online MSN/MBA program provides nurses with advanced health care knowledge in addition to business management practice expertise.

Duration and Cost

The program requires 65 credits and ranges in tuition from $19,285 to $50,000.

Master’s of Science in Nursing- Nursing/Health Care Education

Providing a fundamental base for nurse educators, the Nursing/Health Care Education course focuses on the faculty role, curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and instructional strategies.

Duration and Cost

The program requires 39 credits and ranges in tuition from $20,765 to $34,130.

Online Certificates in Nursing

The University of Phoenix also offers continuing education programs for Nurse Educators, Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Managers.  Not all courses are available in online or on-campus formats.  Students have the option of using professional development courses to count towards credits in a degree program at the University of Phoenix. Students interested in professional development courses should check with the University of Phoenix website to find when classes are offered or speak with an enrollment advisor.

Things to Consider

  • The master’s degree specialization courses require a clinical practicum that may not be available in certain states
  • The LPN/LVN to BSN and RN to BSN, and Master’s courses require clinical practicums that students must choose.
  • Not all programs and courses are available in online/on-campus format.  Students should speak with an enrollment adviser to find out if specific programs and courses are available in their area.
  • Doctoral program is not yet accredited by a nursing body.


University of Phoenix’s nursing program faculty hold DNP/PhD degrees and Master’s level degrees in their field, and are required to have a minimum of five years experience, though quite a few have as many as 20+ years experience.  Faculty members are authors, lecturers, and explore nursing in the context of other fields.


Bachelor’s and Master’s Nursing degree programs at the University of Phoenix are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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