University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama was founded in 1880 as La Grange College.  The university was set up by the Methodist Episcopal Church as a secular institution.  The University of North Alabama identifies itself as the first state-chartered college in Alabama.  Though its roots were as a Southern teachers college, the university now has over 60 undergraduate majors and students from over 50 countries.

Overview of Programs, Certificates, and Degrees

  • 1 online bachelor’s and two online masters degree programs.
  • Campus based traditional and accelerated bachelor’s degrees are available.
  • Federal financial aid and scholarships are available.

Online Nursing and Health Care Degrees Review

Nursing programs at the University of North Alabama seek to provide nurses an education opportunity that suits their needs through online, traditional and accelerated programs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

All courses in the Bachelors Degree in Nursing program are completed online.  Students are required to attend clinical practicums in their local area.  The program accepts up to 30 credits from a previous nursing program.  Core courses for the program include Leadership, Role Theory and Community Nursing.

Duration and Cost

Students in the flex-track (online only) option are waived non-resident fees.  Total credits required for the program are 128, some of which may be transferred from a previous institution.  Tuition is $204 per credit hour, and $2,448.00 per semester for 12 hours of undergraduate tuition.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Students seeking an online Master Degree in Nursing have the option of pursuing the RN to MSN or general MSN degree program.  Students in the RN to MSN program are awarded both BSN and MSN degrees (this is not always the case in RN to MSN programs) and their course load is reduced by one semester (or 9 credit hours) by earning the degrees in this accelerated option.  The Master of Science in Nursing Degree option offers two specializations—Nursing In Teaching and Learning Environments and Nursing Leadership in Organizational Environments.  All courses are offered online and in asynchronous format, and some courses are offered through Jacksonville State University’s online nursing program. Core courses for both programs include Advanced Nursing Theory, Health Promotion Across the Life Span and Human Diversity and Ethics.

Duration and Cost

Students in the flex-track (online only) option are waived non-resident fees.  Approximately 42 credits are required for the program.  Tuition is $247 per credit hour. Students in the RN to MSN option may have additional undergraduate tuition fees for their coursework.

Things to consider:

  • Some courses require on campus proctored exams
  • Students must attend clinical practicums in their local area
  • Students must meet a 2.5 GPA requirement to be admitted into the BSN program
  • A 3.0 GPA is required for admittance into the master’s degree program.


University of North Alabama’s nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing.

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