University of Massachusetts Lowell Nursing School Review

University of Massachusetts-Lowell forms part of the larger family of the University of Massachusetts education system. It is a public university committed to offering students high quality education yet at an affordable rate. UMASS Lowell is an outcome of the merging of two colleges to form the University of Lowell. The latter then became part of UMASS (University of Massachusetts) and changed name to UMASS – Lowell in 1991 to offer comprehensive higher education via six colleges.

Department of Nursing at UMASS Lowell

The department of nursing is part of the school of health and environment.  The department is proud to have the oldest Family Nurse Practitioner and Gerontology Master of Science programs in New England.  The school offers thirteen nursing programs; from undergraduate to graduate level programs.

Undergraduate Programs

i)        Nursing for Non-RNs

This is a nursing program in the nursing department that strives to give foundation and strong nurse training to entry level nurse students. It is takes the form of a full time program that constitute 123 credit hours.  Upon graduation, the students are able to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

ii)      Nursing: RN to BS

This is a unique program that enables RNs to take advantage of credit transfer from their RN licenses. A total of 30 credits are received during admission leaving the student with only 45 credits to take at this level. The program is blended to deliver the curriculum in both online and classroom sessions. The program is accredited by the current accrediting body for UMASS Lowell nursing programs; the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Graduate Programs

i)        Master of Science

The masters of Science in nursing program at UMASS Lowell prepares registered nurses to become advanced practice nurses in the following nurse specialties:

  • Family health nursing nurse practitioner
  • Adult/gerontology nursing-nurse practitioner
  • Mental health nursing- nurse practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist

The program is offered in both full time and part time basis with each track requiring 42 credits for completion. On the other hand, students must have a BSN from an accredited nursing program.

ii)      Fast Track Combined BS-MS for RNs

In this program, students who are already RNs and taking the BSN are requested to apply for the combined BSN/MSN degree. Application for this program is done during the junior year or at the start of the final year.  However, the program only admits BSN students who have had some experience working in a real healthcare setting.

iii)    Fast Track Combined BS-MS for Pre-licensure Students

The program is a mirror of the above mentioned fast tracks for RNs. However, this is meant for fresh nursing students who have no prior experience in nursing. The programs differ in that; the latter receive more emphasis on nursing foundation courses.

iv)   PhD in Nursing

The program takes in students who are RNs in Massachusetts State only and holders of MSN degree. The focus is on development of nurse scholars who will take a concentration in Health Promotion option.

v)     Doctor of Nursing Practice

The objectives of this program are to prepare advanced practice nurses who are able to assume high position leadership roles in healthcare. The program comes in a blended online and face to face mode with courses being offered in the evenings and weekends.

Graduate Certificates

There are six post-masters certificates under the UMASS Lowell nursing department namely:

  • Graduate certificate in gerontological nursing
  • Adult psychiatric & mental health certificate
  • Graduate certificate in palliative & end of life nursing care
  • Graduate certificate in geropsychiatric nursing
  • Sleep & sleep disorders in Health Post master certificate
  • Graduate certificate in nursing education

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