University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Nursing School Review

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville has its pages of history dating back to 1862. Formerly known as Arkansas Industrial University, the University is one of the first state-funded universities of higher education. It has a dynamic campus life with many events focused around student growth, culture, art, athletics and recreation. It prides itself for being the ‘flagship” university in the state and boasts an astounding 412 acres of land for its campus.

The University has also carved its fame for being focused on high quality research and with more than 200 programs to choose from, students can find just about any course to boost their steps towards professional ascension. These are all offered through various departments and schools at the university. The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing leads the nursing programs and offers:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

University of Arkansas –Fayetteville strongly believes in a one-on-one learning environment and takes the necessary steps to promote this. This is clearly seen in the nursing program where the faculty-student ratio is low and clinical classes are small. During the course, students are exposed to valuable information and practical experience that enrich their lives throughout the course and after completed. Students are trained to perform their roles in various health-care settings from manager, researcher, caregiver to teacher. The importance of critical thinking and ability to adapt to changing situations in the health care world are emphasized throughout the course. Those that intend to move on to more advanced studies will have a sound foundation on which to build. The course is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

This is an online course that allows students to choose between two specializations: Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Adult Health or Nurse Educator (NE). The course is administered by the School of Continuing Education & Academic Outreach. Full-time students that choose the specialization in Clinical Nurse Specialist will be able to complete it in 2 years and one summer. Those that choose the Adult Health or Nurse Educator on a full-time basis will be able to complete in four semesters and one summer. There is also the possibility to do the course of a part-time basis, but it is compulsory to finish within six consecutive years. This period takes into consideration the date of enrolment. Both specializations prepare students to undertake roles in different areas in the health care sector.  Upon successful completion, those that enrolled in the CNS program will be able to attend to adults that present medical/surgical health problem. They will act as a clinical nurse specialist. However, students that prefer the NE program will not be exposed to the traditional nursing role. Instead, they will share their knowledge and incorporate new lessons in a classroom setting for future nurses.


There are various scholarships that are designated specifically for nursing students. These include:

1)     Nursing Home Abuse Awareness and Prevention Scholarship

2)     Altrusa International of Fayetteville Scholarship

3)     Greta James Memorial Scholarship

4)     Arkansas Department of Higher Education

5)     Health Resources and Services Administration

6)     After College/American Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarship Fund

7)     Briton Endowed Award in Nursing

8)     Arkansas Graduate Nursing Education Student Loan/Scholarship

9)     University of Arkansas Scholarships

10)   College of Education and Health Professions Scholarships


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