University of Alaska Fairbanks Nursing School Review

In the early 1900’s, the federal government offered a land grant and funds to establish Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines  which was to become University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). By 1922, the college welcomed the first student body of six students.

The college continued to receive funding and expanded from its initial focus in mining and agriculture.  To reflect this expansion to liberal arts, teaching, sciences and engineering, the college changed its name to UAF in 1931. Today, UAF serves as a land grant public research university and the Flagship campus of the Alaska University System.

Nursing Programs a University of Alaska-Fairbanks

UAF does not directly offer degree programs leading to registered nurse licensure. However, it offers a preparatory/prequalification program for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in nursing degree that enables students to transfer to its sister institution; University of Alaska Anchorage.  The program for Fairbanks-prepared students and those directly admitted at UAA is offered at the Community and Technical College which is part of the university of Alaska system. In addition to this, UAF also offers a short occupational endorsement program for those willing to become certified nurse aides

Pre-Nursing Qualification

The pre-qualification program is offered by the department of allied health as an early preparation for students willing to take the AAS at University of Alaska Anchorage.  Ideal candidates must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible to apply to this program. The certificate in Pre-nursing Qualification program consists of a curriculum of pre-requisite and co-requisites courses that form part of the AAS program in addition to a foundation clinical course. Towards completion of this short program, students can place an application for anchorage campus register nurse (RN) track. It should be noted that the certificate program does not grant the students mandate to carry-out any nursing related tasks. However, the curriculum offers more than the basic requirements of general education course needed for the AAS program.

While completion of the certificate program enables students to become highly competitive for admission in the AAS program at the sister university, it does not guarantee them a place in the AAS track. Graduates of the pre-nursing qualification certificate must take the Nurse Entrance Test just like other applicants at UAA. If applications are successful, students transfer to Anchorage to take the nursing and clinical courses after which they can take the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

Nurse Aide

The nurse aide is a short certificate/ occupational endorsement program offering theory and basic nursing skills for students wishing to kick-start their nursing career as members of a health care team in the very basic/ entry level. Candidates for this track must show prove of high school diploma or a GED and 10th grade reading by exam. Upon completion, students become eligible to apply and take the Alaska Nurse Aide exam after which they become certified nurse aides. Such students are also entered in the states nurse aide registry.


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