University of Alabama Nursing School Review

University of Alabama is a public university and a doctoral level establishment. First named The University of the State of Alabama, this institution was formed originally as a seminary of learning in 1820. It wasn’t until 1827 that the campus was moved to Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama (UA) prides itself on offering state of the art technology and employing the most qualified, exceptional staff to help enhance the education of its students.

University of Alabama Nursing Program Review

University of Alabama’s nursing programs are run under The Capstone College of Nursing division. There are several different programs that this sub-college offers for the students who are interested in obtaining education in the field of nursing. The students can start with an undergraduate degree and work their way up, or can achieve the undergraduate degree to begin working immediately in the professional, dynamic world of nursing upon successful licensing. However the student decides to go about obtaining their education through this university, the can be certain that however far they are wanting to take their education, this school offers programs to the highest possible level of the nursing profession.

Undergraduate Program – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Whether the student is just starting their educational journey(freshman students), has been training and gaining knowledge at another institution (transfer students), or already has one degree but looking to obtain a second degree (second degree students), the undergraduate program at University of Alabama has the background to met your career goals.. Programs are available under the BSN degree option for all three types of students. No matter which pathway fits the needs of the particular student, they all lead to graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and can help the student achieve better paying jobs, or promote a greater job market for the student to have the ability to access.

RN Options – RN to BSN Track or RN to BSN/MSN Track

Students who have already obtained the title of Registered Nurse (RN) can look into two different tracks to take in furthering their education. These programs are both designed around the working nurse. The RN to BSN Track can be completed in as few as three semesters if the student chooses to attend full time, however they do offer part time program in order to increase the flexibility for the student. The RN to BSN/MSN option is a faster speed program for those students who are looking to take their education to a higher level. This option allows for a RN to achieve two degrees in one program of study. The RN to BSN/MSN generally takes six semesters of study to complete.

Graduate Program – Case Management/Leadership

In this program, students can achieve their Master of Science in Nursing degree in as little as one year if the student attends full time. Part time students can achieve this degree in two years or over.  It is a collective program that offers students the ability to organize and run programs in order to help facilities become more cost effective and use what resources they already have to better serve their community and the individuals and families that share the community with them.

Graduate Program – Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

This program is designed to give students with extremely detail oriented personalities the ability and know-how to use that particular part of their personality to make the health care system in which they work run better and more efficiently. Graduates who go on to become employed in a position with this degree will more than likely be responsible for the observations of what works and what does not, and how the facility can be better run. Assessing data collected as well as putting findings into action to improve the facilities are generally the fundamental responsibility for graduates in the work force.

Graduate Program – Dual Degree MSN/MA in Management

This program is designed for those students seeking a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree as well as a Master of Arts (MA) in Management. Both of the programs of study can be taken online. This program option will prepare current RNs to take leadership roles in overseeing cases in nursing settings as well as general health care settings.

Graduate Program – Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

This degree option allows the student to take their nursing career to the highest possible level. This doctoral degree provides the opportunity for better paying jobs and also roles in highly important leadership positions. Graduates of this program are responsible for providing care to individuals and families as well as making the health care facility a better and more effective place. Graduates of this program may also find employment setting up health care education plans for the communities in which they work.

Graduate Program – MSN/EdD or EdD for Nurse Educators

This program offers nurses the opportunity to teach future nurses on the practices and daily functions in the nursing work force. This program is designed to lead students through the process of obtaining their MSN and then going on to Doctorate of Education (EdD) for Nurse Educators. Students also have another option under this program to go straight to the EdD for Nurse Educators. Students applying to this program should have a strong desire to teach future nurses how to become productive members of the nursing community.

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