Truman State University Nursing School Review

Named after a former president of the nation, Truman State University (TSU) started as an institution of higher learning offering teacher training. It was then known as North Missouri Normal School and was a privately owned college. The schools then received state support and changed its name to Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and later to Northeast State college. In the period between its founding and 1995, the college had undergone numerous changes and expansion of programs. During the 10th anniversary of its commitment to become a statewide university, the university changed its name to the current name.

Truman State University Nursing Program

Truman state university offers only baccalaureate nursing tracks. Two programs are under the nursing bracket and include a pre-licensure and BSN completion program for registered nurses. The programs are fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and are also approved by the Missouri State Boards of Nursing. More details about the programs are given below:

Four Year Plan Baccalaureate

The four year baccalaureate degree in nursing is meant for fresh entry nursing candidates. Accepted students will engage in profession nursing preparation starting with liberal arts education and selected nursing courses at the freshman and sophomore years and general education and nursing majors at the junior and senior years. Nursing major courses are wide and diverse and include all nursing areas hence, preparing the students to work as generalists in all major nursing divisions. 

An interesting feature about this baccalaureate nursing programs at Truman is that students start on nursing courses as early as the first semester upon admission.  Unlike many 4-year nursing programs that start their students on nursing courses at junior level, students at Truman cover 5 nursing courses during their freshman and sophomore years. On the other hand, general education courses are also taken in the last two years. The program requires 122 credit hours to be completed in order to graduate and become eligible to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam.

RN Completion Program

The program aims at helping registered nurses to advance and complete a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. RNs returning to school build upon their prior nursing experience with a focuses on a community-based curriculum. There is flexible scheduling of courses, clinical requirements and course offerings depending on the prior nursing credits. After validation of the former degree is done, students get a minimum of 21 credits in lower division nursing courses, excluding applicable general education courses.

Study Abroad Provision for BSN students

This is an attracting factor for BSN candidates in Truman State University. The Study Abroad program allows students to participate in a Trans- cultural Nursing Experience for a 3-week period.  Students who have completed some select junior level nursing courses are allowed to travel to Manila, Philippines and Visayan Islands for a cross-cultural immersion program. During this period, students engage in nursery clinical, obstetrics patient care, public health, prenatal clinics and interaction with commercial sex workers. An exchange program is also held at West Visayas State University which includes a Philippine Cultural social show.

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