Truckee Meadows Community College Nursing Program Review

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) was established in 1980 as an independent community college. Initially, the college had operated under the Western Nevada Community College system until a campus of the college was established in Reno. This campus grew and the Board of Regents found it appropriate to split the new Western Nevada campus to another college which became Truckee Meadows Community College.  It became the 4th community college in the state. It offers various 2-year degrees, certificates and transfer programs and occupational and career enhancement programs in its main and 4 satellite education centers.

The Nursing Program at Truckee Meadow Community College

The nursing program at the college is also known as the Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing program. It is a single-track program that leads to the award of an associate degree in nursing and has no options for non-traditional entry. There is also a short certified nursing assistant program besides the Maxine S Jacobs program that trains students to become nurse aides. The nursing program is approved by the Nevada state Board of Nursing and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

This is a relatively short course consisting of 6 credit hours. The course trains students on basic bedside patient care skills in preparation of taking the Nursing assistants exams to become certified as nursing assistants.

Maxine S. Jacob Nursing Program

As mentioned earlier, this is the only main nursing degree program at Truckee Meadow Community College. The curriculum of the program prepares students to become professional registered nurses with classes commencing each fall semester.  Candidates for the program need to complete general education courses before making an application to the college and 34 of these are needed for graduation.

The program is offered on a full time basis at the Dandini main campus and requires 75 credits to complete. 4 semesters are required to complete the 41 nursing and support courses needed for graduation. To maintain progression, students must maintain a minimum of grade ‘C’ in all nursing courses. 

The curriculum is not dynamic to accommodate student’s needs and as such, they must also follow an outlined sequence of taking the courses. Those who do not meet this sequence are allowed to re-take those courses once. Re-taking of a skipped course is not guaranteed and depends on space availability.

Successful completion of the completion gives the students educational eligibility to apply and write the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses. This also awards the students an occupation-based Associate of Applied Science in nursing degree.


Truckee Meadow community College Fast-Track Associate of applied science in nursing has temporarily been discontinued. The reason put forward by the college is that there is a decreasing need for nurses in the state that would warrant a fast track training program. Currently, the college is evaluating the need for that program and it assures it would re-institute it if a job demand rose and if the economic budget made sense.

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