Top Online Clinical Nurse Specialist Courses in the USA

Working in the health domain is a noble thing to do. Healthcare workers are confronted every day with severe cases they need to handle, in a variety of domains. From mental health to gerontology or adult medicine, clinical nurse specialists are prepared to offer their help, expertise, and support. 

However, to become a clinical nurse specialist you need to enroll in a graduate program and develop your skills. Getting medical education and studying to become a proficient clinical nurse will take time, effort, and resources. Even though some of the courses on clinical nursing were mostly offline, now there are online options for students too. Online schools offer the flexibility to pursue an online course to become a clinical nurse specialist in the USA. 

nurse wearing scrub suit attending to patient

Here are a few top online options. 

University of Pennsylvania 

The University of Pennsylvania has a wide variety of nursing courses you can choose from. Depending on your educational level and prospect for your future career, you can choose from online courses on nursing management, nursing educator, or graduate certificates in nursing. 

The advantage of these nurses courses at the University of Pennsylvania is that students get study helping with their essay from teachers. At the same time, the teaching process is based more on practice than on theory, which allows nursing specialists to interact with the medical world daily. You can find more information about the wide variety of courses at this university on their website.  Even though these courses are online, they are rigorous so expect to have mandatory courses and activities to participate in. For example, you might have to write essays on nursing-related subjects. If you feel challenged by the requirements, you can discover some samples on , which will help you build your essay better.  All nursing programs at the University of Pennsylvania are accredited. 

Rush University, Chicago 

Rush University is ranked number one in the top universities that offer online nursing programs. Rush University is known for its worldwide performance in the nursing domain and every year more and more students decide to enroll in their graduate programs. 

The biggest advantage of Rush University, besides its online nursing courses, is that they record all the classes so that students could have access to the information anytime. This would help students that miss some classes to not fall behind their colleagues. The admission requires applicants to submit an essay, letters of recommendation, and present their experience related to nursing. 

East Carolina University 

The graduate nursing program at East Carolina University has about 9 programs you can choose from. For example, a Family Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthesia are some of the most popular ones. Just like Rush University from Chicago, East Carolina University records the courses and classes and allows students to access them anytime. 

One of the most important advantages this university comes with is its virtual clinic. The practice is very important in the medical domain and it can teach students many insights. To keep this practice safe for its nursing students, the university has created a virtual clinic where students can practice in a safe environment. Just like the other universities, the admission process involves submitting letters of recommendation and also an exam that tests your knowledge. 

University of Pittsburgh 

The online graduate nursing program at the University of Pittsburgh is one of the best in the USA. Besides the recording of the classes, they pride themselves on having some of the best nurse practitioners and leaders in the country. Their specialists are involved in the building of national and regional nursing programs, having a lot of experience in research and teaching. 

One of the greatest advantages the University of Pittsburgh offers is the personalization of the courses. If you are interested in finding more about nursing in other contexts, you can choose to pursue courses in mental health or business. You do not need any nursing experience to apply for their courses, however, the admission requirements are the same as the other universities’. 


Medical education is one of the most challenging and time-consuming domains of education. However, it is needed to invest a lot of cognitive power and resources into it. Becoming a clinical nurse specialist and wanting to help the most in need is a noble and admirable thing to do. 

Depending on the specialization you want to follow, these universities are offering online nursing courses. The admission is kind of the same for all of them and you need to prove your prior knowledge on this subject. No matter which one you will choose, you will have the opportunity to learn from domain experts. 

Author Bio: Joshua Robinson is a content writer that loves writing about the health domain. He was previously a clinical nurse specialist and now wants to share his knowledge and experience. Joshua’s goal is to help people pursue their goals.