SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica-Rome Nursing Program Review

The State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome (SUNYIT) is located in Central New York State north of Utica. The campus is very large with over 700 acres of land. Utica is a city that has many parks and activities that SUNYIT students attend. Students from all over the state attend this university to earn their bachelor’s degree or to work on a graduate degree. The housing options on campus are two townhouse type buildings and one residence hall that was just recently built. SUNY-Institute of Technology-Utica/Rome also has many planned student activities, including athletics, clubs, and various organizations for students.

Nursing Program

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

SUNYIT Utica/Rome offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in nursing for those who are already Registered Nurses (RNs). RNs must have either an associate degree in nursing or a diploma from a diploma nursing program. Students may attend either full-time or part-time. There are also outreach sites that offer courses blending distance learning technology with traditional classroom teaching. Students complete additional liberal arts and sciences classes as well as nursing courses that cover contemporary nursing practice, nursing research, comprehensive health assessment, and more. To qualify for graduation, students are required to have 124 credits. RNs may usually transfer 30 credits in nursing and up to 34 credits in liberal arts and sciences, so the time to complete the bachelor’s degree program is reduced.

Applicants who want to attend this program at SUNYIT Utica/Rome must have a minimum grade point average of 3.2 on the last 30 credits that they earned at the undergraduate level. They must have completed one year of experience working as a nurse, and they must be currently registered as an RN in New York State. To qualify for graduation, students must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses and no less than a C in each nursing course.

SUNYIT-St. Elizabeth College of Nursing 1 + 2 + 1 Partnership

This program allows students to earn two degrees in four years. It is intended for high school students who enter college immediately after they graduate. Those who are accepted into the program begin their freshman year at SUNYIT and then attend St. Elizabeth College of Nursing for the second and third years. At the end of the two years at St. Elizabeth, students graduate with an associate degree and are qualified to sit for the NCLEX-RN. At St. Elizabeth, they will work over 590 hours of clinical time in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. For their final year, they take all of their classes at SUNYIT to earn their bachelor’s degree. Students may live at SUNIT on campus for the entire period of four years. To apply for admission to this program, students need SAT or ACT scores, two letters of recommendation, and their high school transcript. Although admission is very competitive, students are admitted on an individual basis.

Albany Outreach Program

This program is designed for RNs in the Albany who want to complete their Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. It is a part-time program that allows nurses to continue working. Many of the courses are available online, which is a convenience for working nurses. It usually takes four years to complete the program since only two courses of six to eight credits are taken each semester. Students must go to Hudson Valley Community College for their nursing courses and arts and science courses. The SUNYIT nursing faculty travels to Hudson alley to teach the nursing courses.

Ulster Outreach Program

The SUNY Ulster Campus in Stone Ridge also offers a part-time study nursing program for RNs who want to earn their bachelor’s degree. Some courses are available online, and students must travel to the SUNY Ulster Campus for nursing and arts and science courses. The SUNYIT nursing faculty teaches the nursing classes. Students also need to travel to the Utica campus to take Nursing 490. RNs with either an associate’s degree or a diploma in nursing are admitted to the program.

BS/MS ANP Program

This Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Adult Nurse Practitioner program is open to applicants who are RNs with an associate degree in nursing. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken at SUNYIT to qualify to remain in the program. All graduate nursing courses require a 3.0 as well, and the student may not have more than two Cs on record at the time of graduation. This nursing program is accelerated and required a lot of commitment and devotion to succeeding in learning the material in courses and earning the grades needed to remain in the program. Students who fail to keep their grades at 3.0 or higher are dropped down to the RN to BS program. Students must complete a total of 120 credits to earn their BS with a major in nursing. There is a residence requirement of 30 hours for the graduate portion of the program, and at the program completion, students take a national exam to be certified as Adult Nurse Practitioners.

BS/MS FNP Program

RNs with an associate degree in nursing who wish to become Family Nurse Practitioners may want to enter SUNYITs Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Students must maintain a 3.0 in all nursing courses and may not have more than two Cs at the time of graduation. Students who do not maintain their grades will be dropped down to the RN to BS program. There is a 30 hour residence requirement to complete the program. At the time of graduation, students take the national exam to become certified to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner in New York State.

BS/MS Nursing Administration

RNs who are interested in a career in nursing administration may want to complete both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in one program at SUNYIT. This accelerated program requires that a grade point average of at least 3.0 is maintained in all courses taken at SUNYIT and also a 3.0 in all graduate nursing courses. The residence requirement is 30 hours, and students may complete some of the coursework online. At the time of graduation, students take a national exam that leads to certification as a nurse administrator.

Accelerated BS/MS Nursing Education

This program requires three years of full-time study to complete. Two summers are also required. Students complete education courses and a practicum to practice teaching methods. At the completion of the program, they may take the national certification exam to become Nurse Educators.

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