SUNY Canton Nursing Program Review

SUNY College of Technology at Canton (SUNY Canton) is a large campus that is built next to the Grasse River in St. Lawrence County. The university is in the Canton, but is near the Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence River. It is not far from the Canadian border and Montreal and Ottawa. There are around 3,300 students enrolled in the university that is part of the State University of New York (SUNY). Both associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees are offered at this university with around 40 program offerings.

Nursing Programs

Practical Nursing-Certificate

SUNY Canton offers a Practical Nursing (PN) certificate program for students who want to begin working with patients without spending years in college. Practical Nurses take care of patients in long-term care facilities, in acute care, and in clinical settings. Admission to the PN program is selective, and to be considered for admission a student must have a high school diploma and an average of at least 75. Applicants must also score at least 75 on the test for sentence structure and 60 on the test for reading that is required before entering the PN program. An SAT score of at least 420 on the verbal section is required or an ACT score of at least 17 on reading and writing. After completing the program, graduates take the NCLEX-PN national exam that they must pass to become Licensed Practical Nurses.

Associate of Applied Science

Canton State also offers a two year program for those who want to enter the workforce after only two years of education. They will be ready to take the NCLEX-RN after completing the program that includes liberal arts and sciences courses, nursing courses, and clinical experience. Around 95% of the graduates who take the NCLEX-RN pass it, which is a rate higher than the state average for New York. Admission to the program is selective, and applicants must have either a high school average of 80 or an SAT score of 900 or higher. An ACT score of 21 or higher is also acceptable. Prerequisite courses must be completed before a student is considered for admission to the nursing program. Students must complete a CPR course and meet the physical and other requirements of the program. At the completion of the program, graduates may continue their education by transferring the credits that they have earned to a bachelor’s program in nursing.


Registered Nurses (RNs) who want to earn their Bachelor of Science (BS) in nursing may also do that at Canton State. This four-year program prepares RNs for advanced positions in many different healthcare facilities, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and other sites. Applicants must be licensed RNs in New York State and must be graduates with an associate’s degree. Some employers pay the tuition for nurses to continue their education, so many RNs can earn their bachelor’s degree without paying a cent. In addition to that, they will have many more opportunities for advancements over their working years in their career. The program is offered through SUNY Canton OnLine with a lot of flexibility so that RNs may continue working.

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