St. Olaf College Nursing Program Review

Saint Olaf College (SOC) is a church college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America founded in 1874. It has programs grounded in a vibrant faith tradition which fosters development of a holistic person in terms of mind, body and spirit alongside academics. Despite is affiliation to the church; the college accepts students from all walks of life without discrimination in regards to religion and creed.  The college offers four- year degree programs with each curriculum having a substantial number of liberal arts as lower division credits.

Saint Olaf College Nursing Program

Nursing at Saint Olaf College is offered as a collaborative effort between St. Olaf and Gustavus Adolphus College. Programs are delivered in both colleges and students have great learning opportunities by interacting with students from another college. Students attend classes offered by faculty professors of the two colleges; blending to one goal of nurse training. The nursing program is under the Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

The Nursing program

The program leads to the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing is offered by both Gustavus and St. Olaf Colleges of the Lutheran church. Before progression into the nursing majors, students must complete prerequisite and general education course during the freshman and sophomore year.

Nursing courses are taken starting from the junior year. As church colleges, liberal arts courses take a good portion of the upper division courses. In this case, students take the liberal arts courses alongside the nursing major courses in the junior and senior years. For clarification, the lower division courses are offered in respective colleges while the upper division courses are delivered by faculty of both colleges.

Registered nurses holding diplomas or associate nursing degrees are also welcome to apply to this program and as such, must complete at least eight general education one supporting course at St. Olaf. Credits eligible for transfer to St Olaf will be evaluated by the nursing department recognized towards the Bachelor of Science degree.




Special Nursing Programs

  • Study Abroad

Study abroad semesters are available for willing students of both colleges. The semesters are taken during the junior or senior years and may delay the usual program time needed for completion. In this case, students must add additional time to cover-up for the time spent abroad for the nursing majors.

  • Second Majors in Nursing

A second majors program is also available for students wishing to graduate with double majors. Students from another major program can apply for consideration for the double majors program after approval by both the incoming department and the nursing department.  Earning a second major mean that student will need extra time to cover the majors for both programs.

The second major in nursing is also open for already graduated students of St. Olaf College. These students can come back to college, take a few prerequisite courses prior to being enrolled for the nursing major. Enrollment chances will depend on performance from the prior major.

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