St. Charles Community College Nursing Program Review

St. Charles Community College (SCC) celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2011, marking 25 years of delivering quality higher education to the residents of St. Charles County and beyond. The college was voted to become a community college in 1986, making it the 11th Community College to be established in Missouri. In the effort to meet higher education needs, Saint Charles Community College offers credit, non-credit and lifelong learning programs.

Nursing Programs at St Charles Community College

At St. Charles, there are three nursing programs under the nursing department. They include a certificate of achievement program in practical nursing and two tracks of associate degree nursing. One of the associate tracks is a LPN bridge option for LPNs making a transition into professional nursing. The three programs are fully accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and are also approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing. Details of the nursing department and programs are given below:

Nursing AS

The nursing Associate of Science degree at St. Charles Community College is a 72 credit hours program that calls for fresh, entry level nursing students. The coursework of the program comprises of liberal arts, science and nursing courses designed to be completed in a period of two years. There are flexible classes and students can choose from either day or evening schedules for both classroom and clinical practicum sessions. For Licensed practical nurses who want to have a transition to professional nursing, an advanced standing option is available.

Bridge Program Options for LPNs

The bridge program helps LPNs to make the transition into nursing. To be allowed into the ‘Bridge Option’ program, candidates must have at least two years of working experience as practical nurses. Candidates must also have an undisciplined LPN licenses valid for Missouri State and must have graduated from an LPN program not more than two years ago. Two nursing courses are then given to successful students, upon which advanced standing will be granted.

Practical Nursing CA

The Certificate of Achievement (CA) is awarded to students who complete 44 credit hours. Successful completion of the coursework for this program makes the graduate eligible to apply for NCLEX-PN exam for state licensure as practical nurses. Students who take this program at Saint Charles are encouraged to apply to the LPN bridge option program within two years if they want to earn an associate of nursing degree.

Certified Nurse Assistant

This is a 8-12 week program that trains students to provide basic patient and bedside care. The program does not have precise admission date and is an open entry- open exit program. This means that students can choose to join the program at any time and exit and any time as long as they have completed the required number of credits.

Registered Nurse First Assistant

This certificate program at St. Charles helps peri-operative nurses working in surgery rooms to kip abreast with new skills. It is a six-credits course that requires candidates to have and maintain their RN licenses to the end. Student eligible for this program must also show prove of at least two years working experience in operating rooms.

Non-Certificate Courses

Practical Nurse Review Course

The course allows students to refresh their PN skills or prepare for NCLEX-PN exam. Major practical nursing topics are covered but no certificate of completion is given.

Advanced Clinical Calculations

This short program is applicable to ADN’s who are at the second year level or registered nurses who want learn about clinical calculations for prescriptions, dosages and push medications.

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