Spring Arbor University Nursing School Review

As part of the Free Methodist Church, Spring Arbor University is immensely tied to Christian values. The University has history dating back to 1873 after its inception as a seminary academy. The small academy became a college in 1950 and dropped the secondary and primary school programs. Spring Arbor College operated as so until recently in 2001, the university was granted the status of a fully pledged university; changing its name to Spring Arbor University (SAU).

Nursing Programs at Spring Arbor University

The nursing profession at Spring Arbor University is viewed as one of the best ways to take-up the caring way of Christ by serving suffering people. The programs are holistic and Christian faith oriented in the aim of eliminating suffering to ailing. Like all programs in this university, the nursing programs constitute a large portion of liberal arts courses in addition to the nursing courses. The programs have been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The nursing programs are offered in the school of professional and graduate studies are there is no fresh entrance option for nurse students.

Bachelor of Science-RN to BSN Program

This is a completion program that takes only transfer students who have already completed an associate of science in nursing degree. For eligibility into this program, students must have 58 transferable credits from their earlier two-year degree program.  Students must also provide prove of at least one year experience of working as a registered nurse. Students who fulfill this requirement are expected to complete an additional 42 credit hours from Spring Arbor University to be awarded the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

The 42 additional credits taken at the university mainly focuses on faith integration into the community and gerontology. The program is also available in both part time and full time study modes to cater for the working adult RNs.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Masters of Science in nursing programs at Spring Arbor University are all online based programs. Students are only expected to attend site based residency instruction lessons during the start of each academic year. There are three areas of concentration in the advanced practice nursing from which students can choose from namely:

  • MSN-Nurse practitioner– This program takes three years to complete the 62 credits and 500 hours of practical sessions. The track allows nurse to be eligible for certification as adult or gerontology nurse practitioners.
  • MSN- Nurse Education– This track is meant for nurses who wish to get into nursing faculties. The program only requires 38 credit hours to graduate. Unlike the nurse practitioner track, this program takes two years to complete.
  • MSN/MBA– This is a dual degree program; one of the few of its kind in Michigan State. It trains nurse on two master-level tracks after completion of 63 credit hours. The program awards the student two degrees concurrently: the Master of Science in Nursing and the Master in Business Administration.  For Completion of both degree programs, students requires three academic years.

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