Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Nursing Program Review

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKCTC) is located in Cumberland, Kentucky. It is part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System that was established in 1960. Southeast has five campuses in Cumberland, Harlan, Middlesboro, Pineville, and Whitesburg.

Associate degrees offered by the college are Associate of Arts and Associate of Science that are easily transferred to four-year colleges. Certificate programs are also offered, as well as many cultural activities, including art and theater productions. Like most community colleges, SKCTC is a commuter college. Students often rent apartments that are close to the college. Over 50 programs are offered that lead to certificates, diplomas, applied associate degrees, and associate degree programs that can be transferred to a four-year university.

Nursing Programs

Nursing – Practical Nursing

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College offers a Nursing — Practical Nursing (PN) program that prepares students to work with patients of all ages. This diploma program enables graduates to take the NCLEX-PN to become licensed as Practical Nurses. The duties of a Practical Nurse are to take vital signs, apply dressings, and administer retirement homes and medication. They work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and long term care. Students learn basic nursing care through nursing courses and clinical experience. At Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, it is possible to apply the credits earned in this program to the Associate in Applied Science degree if the student decides to continue their education to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

The college offers the General Occupational/Technical Studies (GOTS) program to students in the PN program. GOTS enables students to work with an advisor who can help them make a plan for their education that may help them find a job more easily after graduation. By combining courses from different certificates and diplomas, they are able to graduate with unique skills. An advantage of this program is that the credits earned may apply toward the Associate in applied Science in General Occupational & Technical Studies degree. Up to 20 credits for experiential learning may be applied toward degree completion.

Nursing – Academic/Career Mobility

The Nursing – Academic/Career Mobility program is unique because it allows students to study to become an LPN and an RN in the same program. During the first year of studies, students take courses that prepare them to become a PN after completing the first year of the program. A student may decide if they want to exit the program at the end of the first year of studies to start working after taking the NCLEX-PN. Students may continue in the program the second year to become a Registered Nurse (RN) after passing the NCLEX-RN. This option makes it very practical for a student to begin the program if they are not sure if they want a career as a PN or as an RN. Most other programs have no result other than credits earned if a student quits the program after a year. In this case, spending a year in college can lead to a lucrative career as a PN.

Some courses are shared by both the PN and RN program. Admission to the program is not guaranteed since selection admission is in place, but admission to the college is open to anyone who meets the requirements. LPNs that have graduated within the last three years and have at least a year’s experience are admitted to the degree level. Applicants must have completed a Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide course of 75 hours. They must also be listed as having active status on the Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide Registry. CPR certification is also required. Students who are admitted to the program must complete all of the requirements for an associate degree if they stay in the program for the second year. They must also successfully pass the nursing courses and complete all of the clinical experience.

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