Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Nursing Program Review

Signature Healthcare/Brockton Hospital is a community- based not for profit teaching hospital. Founded in 1896; Signature Healthcare is the largest and one of the oldest inpatient hospital in the greater area of Brockton. It has strong affiliations with Tufts Medical Centre in the providence of both medical services and teaching programs.  It also prides itself to being the only hospital-college in the state of Massachusetts.  The hospital teaching wing was established in 1897, a year after the founding of the hospital.

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

The Brockton hospital school of nursing is an integral part of the larger Signature Healthcare. The school is a co-ed centre of nurses training offering a bunch of nursing programs in addition to other healthcare programs. Students in the schools of nursing enjoy unlimited access to clinical experience from three hospitals; Signature healthcare, Brockton hospital and Tufts medical centre.

The school has also formed a collegiate affiliation with Fisher College which largely facilitates the teaching of the nursing programs at Brockton.  The relationship is co-operative meaning; student nurses are able to receive lectures from both institutions. The school offers two nursing awards; a diploma in nursing and later advancement to an associate degree in nursing. The program is offered in the following two arrangements.

Day Division in Nursing

The day division nursing program allows students to study for two years in both Fisher College and Brockton hospital nursing school. However, students should note that, about 85% of all the courses in the two years of study are offered at Fisher College with the remaining being taken at Brockton. A total of two years full time study, ie 16 weeks of fall and spring and 8 weeks of summer per year must be taken.

 Completion of the study leads to two concurrent awards; a Diploma in nursing from Brockton Hospital and  an Associate of Nursing degree from Fisher College. Students are then eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination to become licensed registered nurses.

Weekend/Evening Division

This option is designed for learners who wish not to take off time from work. The program also leads to the award of a diploma and associate degree from both Brockton hospital and Fisher College respectively. Unlike the day class that takes two years for completion, evening program students must be ready to devote at least four academic years of study. The curriculum for the evening class is similar to the day only that the classes are done during weekends and evenings.

All evening and day students take their clinical sessions at either Tuft Medical centre or at Brockton Hospital. Precisely, real clinical experience is done with patients at the medical centers while clinical simulation classes are held at Fishers College simulation lab.

It is also important to note that, accreditation for the nursing degrees from Brockton school of nursing are those in use at Fisher College for the Associate and the ones for Brockton for the Diploma in nursing.

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