Sharon Regional Health System Nursing Program Review

Now an extensive network of medical service centers, Sharon Regional Health System (SRHS) began operating as one hospital in the 1800s. The system not only provides high quality medical care to a wide variety of acute and chronic patients in Pennsylvania, but also offers educational opportunities to the future generations of medical professionals to ensure they will always be staffed with the most skilled and knowledgeable members of the field.

Nursing Program Review

The first class of future nurses entered the Sharon Regional Health System School of Nursing in 1899. This class began a tradition of dedicated learning in the general application of Nursing, undertaking both lecture and clinical instruction to prepare for careers in area medical settings, particularly the hospital. The students enrolled in the School of Nursing continue to follow in this tradition as they learn from passionate instructors who have risen to the peak of their specialized fields.

Registered Nurse Program

The Sharon Regional Health System School of Nursing offers a Diploma Program that provides the generalized knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students for licensure as Registered Nurses. This licensure is earned after graduation through nationally approved state board exams that must be successfully passed prior to students entering the workforce. Registered Nurses are essential parts of the healthcare system. These professionals provide bedside care to a wide array of patients dealing with medical concerns from simple injuries to complex illnesses. Providing direct supervision to Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses work in close cooperation with physicians, dentists and other medical professionals to design and implement individual treatment plans. Beyond these plans, Registered Nurses are responsible for offering basic procedural and monitoring physical care as well as crucial emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support to both the patient and his loved ones.

After a century of providing this education to students through a much longer curriculum, Sharon Regional Health System redeveloped the program to a more concise, rigorous 16-month course of study. These 16 months are only after the student has fulfilled certain general education prerequisites to prepare him for the main Nursing Program.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Nursing Program at Sharon Regional Health System is appropriately selective to meet the challenges of not only the program but the careers of Registered Nurses. Students, after successfully passing the general education prerequisite courses as are required by the program, must take the TEAS exam. The Test of Essential Academic Skills evaluates the students’ academic merit as well as aptitude to succeed in and benefit from higher education. Those applicants who achieve satisfactory scores on the TEAS will be invited for a personal interview with admissions staff. This interview will address the applicant’s desire for a career in the field of nursing, as well as personal characteristics crucial to effective nursing. Final decisions are based on a combination of academic merit, personal and professional references and impressions gleaned from the interview. Admitted students are expected to maintain a high level of performance and character to remain a part of the Nursing Program.

Sharon Regional Health System maintains agreements with local Universities that allow students successfully graduating from the Diploma Program to move on to furthered educational opportunities within these institutions.

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