Scholarships for Single Mothers

How to Find Scholarships for Single Mothers
If you are looking for single mother scholarships or grants to help pay for nursing school, you may find it a challenging undertaking.  These scholarships and grants can be difficult to find.  Single moms often seek education opportunities to improve their lives.  They know the importance of being a good provider and role model for their children.  Nursing school is a great option considering the job growth that will continue over the next several years.  Nursing shortages mean opportunities for new students.

The following below are ways single moms can find both general and nursing scholarships they can use to pay for nursing school.

State Programs for Single Mothers

There may be a state agency or an agency that serves an entire state that has a focus of helping singles mothers pursue opportunities in education.  Agencies may be funded through state or federal dollars or may be funded privately. The majority allow scholarships to be applied to any discipline at accredited colleges and universities, typically within the same state.  These are excellent opportunities for single mothers to obtain scholarships for nursing school.  Following is an excellent of a state scholarship program for single mothers and fathers.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

In response to a high rate of single parenthood, the state offers financial assistance to single mothers who are state residents and enrolled in college.  Nursing students who meet these eligibility requirements may be able to apply for a Single Parent Scholarship.  This scholarship is particularly helpful because in addition to tuition and books, recipients may use scholarship funds at their discretion on activities that support their educational goals such as childcare and car repairs.  Scholarships are administered through 70 county-level affiliates who can establish their own eligibility criteria. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, income level, and documented financial need.  While some affiliates restrict fields of study, the majority do not.  Nursing students should contact their local Single Parent Scholarship Fund for additional information.

Special Opportunities for Single Mothers

There are multiple resources available to single mothers seeking financial assistance to further their education.  Some will be specific to nursing while others are open to all fields of study, including healthcare.  The following is an example of this type of financial assistance.

Emerge Scholarships, Inc.

This scholarship program is specifically for nontraditional students, including single parents, who wish to pursue a college education.  Only applicants who are at least 25 years old are eligible for this scholarship.  Nursing students who meet eligibility requirements can apply. There is a preference, but not requirement, that students attend colleges in Georgia.  Awards range from $2,000 to $5,000.  Multiple awards are made annually.  Applications are available in the fall of each year.  For applications, contact Emerge at 1054 Redwood Drive, Norcross, GA 30093 or by calling them at (770) 905-5175.

Scholarship Contests for Single Mothers

Single mothers can receive scholarships by entering a variety of contests and competitions.  Contests typically require the creation and submission of essays or videos in response to a particular set of criteria or prompt question.  Following is an example of a scholarship contest for single parents interested in pursuing a nursing career.

The Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is designed to acknowledge students who effectively balance nursing education and single parenthood.  Applicants are required to write an essay and complete an application to be considered for a $500 scholarship.  The essay is not to exceed 500 words and should describe their ability to simultaneously manage the demands of being a single parent and a nursing student.  Submissions are due by mid-June annually.  This contest is open to all eligible applicants.  For additional information, nursing students should submit a letter to Contest Inquiry, ATTN: Single Parent Scholarship, 384 Mosby Drive, Acworth, Georgia 30102.

University & College Scholarships for Single Mothers

Many educational institutions like colleges and universities offer grants and scholarships for single mothers as an incentive to further their education.  Some single mothers scholarships can be used to cover childcare expenses in addition to the traditional tuition and books typically paid for by scholarships.  Single mothers pursuing nursing degrees should contact their school’s office of financial aid to inquiry about these scholarships.  The school’s nursing department is unlikely to have information on this type of scholarship unless there is one specifically for nursing students.  Following is an example of a college that offers scholarships to single mothers.

Kirkwood Community College Scholarships for Single Mothers

Students enrolled in the nursing program at the College and are single mothers may be eligible for scholarships for single mothers offered by the college in addition to nursing scholarships.  The College offers six scholarship programs specifically for single mothers including the Michele Boyer Scholarship, the Waypoint Tribute to Women Scholarship, and the U.S. Bank Scholarship.  Most scholarships require documentation of financial need. Awards typically range between $500 and $1,000.  Interested students should contact the Scholarship Office at (319) 398-7186 for further information on these financial assistance programs.

Employer-Sponsored Scholarships for Single Mothers

Employers are a major source of educational scholarships.  They typically offer scholarships through corporate foundations or corporate giving programs.  While many restrict scholarships to employees and their children, others open eligibility to include local residents.  Single mothers interested in pursuing nursing careers should contact local employers, especially those in the healthcare industry such as hospitals, to determine if they offer scholarships to nursing students.

Community-Based Scholarships for Single Mothers

There are numerous opportunities at the community level for single mothers to receive scholarships they can use to pursue a nursing degree.  As a reminder, most scholarships can be used for any degree and may not focus on nursing education.  The following is an example of a community-based scholarship program for single mothers.

Cacique Foundation

The Foundation awards scholarships to single mothers enrolled in the nursing program at Mount San Antonio College in California. Scholarships are awarded based on academic potential, documented financial need, and letters of recommendation.  Award amounts vary. For applications and guidelines, contact the Foundation at 14949 Proctor Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91746 or by calling (626) 961-3399.

It is clear that single mothers scholarships can be obtained through multiple sources.  Many do not require a particular field of study.  Rather, they allow recipients to develop their own education plan, making them excellent financial assistance for single mothers interested in a nursing degree.