Scholarships for Nursing Degrees

The US government, NGOs, Educational Foundations and other trusts are on the fore front to ensure no needy student misses out on finishing their nursing degree due to lack of tuition fees. Individual goodwill ambassadors are also not left behind in helping alleviate the financial constrains of earning a nursing degree.

Below is a list of scholarships available for nursing students to apply for:

The Nursing Scholarship Program from the US government

This is a government scholarship programs that aims at coming-around the shortage of RNs in the US by offering scholarships to needy students. This can be viewed as an incentive for students to finish their nursing degrees and fill-up open positions of RNs in government health care facilities.

Usually, these facilities are in hardship areas and students must abide to serve for at least two years as a gratitude for the scholarship. This scholarship is open each year and interested nursing students can apply at the Health Resources and Services Administration website at an ongoing basis.

Other Nursing Scholarships

Some foundations and trusts have scholarships that are state specific while others are applicable to all nursing students within the US borders. Examples of popular national scholarships include:

Nurse Leaders for America

This nursing scholarship is in the mode of a work-study program that is available for both BSN and MSN students. The students are then assigned nursing duties at a US hospital of choice. For eligibility, you must have practiced as a RN for a minimum of three years.

Future of Nursing Scholarships

This is a scholarship program available to all US citizens and permanent residents who already hold unencumbered RN licenses. They are only available to online nursing programs and the student must be willing to study via Western Governors University online nursing degree programs.

Dorothy Willits Hallowell Nursing Scholarships

This is offered by the Anne.T.J foundation and the scholarships are meant for fresh high school graduates who wish to take nursing as their profession. However, students must have applied and been accepted in a nursing school or any institution of higher learning.

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards

The targeted beneficiaries of this scholarship awards are nurses of Indian origin who study in America. It also covers other non-nursing students who are pursing education in other health related professions.

The Blanco Foundation, Inc

The foundation has scholarships for nursing and education students only. Students who wish to be considered for these scholarships should apply on their website before the first day of February each year. They are only applicable to fresh entrants of the nursing and education degree programs.

Nurses Education Funds, Inc

The NEF nursing scholarships are specifically for postgraduate students ie either MSN or students taking doctoral nursing degrees. Students must be enrolled at an NLNAC accredited nursing school and must submit their applications before the first of March each year.

Other Sources of Scholarships for Nursing Degree

Students must make an intensive search if they want to maximize their chances of being awarded nursing scholarships. Sending numerous applications is the way to increase your chances of landing nursing financial aid and grants.  In addition to scholarships, nursing students can also apply for federal financial loans, which are applicable to all US students in any programs.

Online Nursing Scholarship Scams

However, students must be aware of scammers who are out to scam and steal from wanting students in the name of forwarding their names and ensuring they will be awarded scholarships. At least, no one foundation or trust will ever ask needy students to pay for before being awarded a scholarship.

Students can also check out at their nursing schools’ financial notice board for any upcoming and existing nursing scholarships they are eligible for. Any considerate nursing school constantly updates their scholarships notices to ensure students have up-to-date scholarship information.

Your States’ board of nursing is also an excellent place to search for current and legitimate scholarships that are state specific and those accepting applicants nationally.