Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania Nursing School Review

Saint Francis University (SFU) is proud to be the oldest operating University based on Franciscan values in the nation. This school encourages students to blend Catholic teachings and sentiments into everything that they do, including education. The nearly 2,500 students enrolled in Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania strive to embody a sense of service, compassion and Franciscan values as they engage in SFU’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

Nursing Program Review

The field of nursing presents many opportunities for students to exemplify the teachings and values of the Franciscan tradition. Nursing as a profession is defined by providing compassionate, nurturing care to patients coping with medical issues. Whether the medical concern is a simple injury, a complex illness, or the process of childbearing; the patient benefits physically and emotionally from the presence of skilled nurses. SFU’s Nursing Program is designed to produce knowledgeable, technically competent professionals capable of addressing not just the physical needs of the patient but also his psychosocial, spiritual and interpersonal needs. It is the combination of these two aspects that create whole-patient treatment from truly effective nurses.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

Students of Saint Francis University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program studies for four years; covering both general education and Nursing material. Courses are offered in both classroom lecture and clinical experience formats, providing students with theoretical instruction as well as hands-on practice applying these concepts. Clinical experiences are offered in area medical settings as to offer a variety of application opportunities with real patients. Graduates of this program will be fully prepared to sit for the NCLEX licensing exams to earn the formal title of Registered Nurse. Licensure in this field allows graduates to seek employment in many environments such as private medical practice, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. This program also offers a foundation of knowledge for furthered educational opportunities at other institutions.

RN to BSN Program

This program is designed for already-licensed Registered Nurses that aspire to increase their professional knowledge and training. Applying their previous learning and experience to the course work necessary to earn the BSN, RNs who have successfully completed a Diploma or Associate Degree Program can fulfill these requirements at an accelerated pace. Students interested in this opportunity must demonstrate understanding of concepts presented in the challenged portion of the program, as well as proof of valid licensure and workforce experience.


Admission into St. Francis University’s Nursing Program is appropriately selective to ensure students are prepared not only for the rigors of the program but the challenges of a career in the field of nursing. Applicants must provide documentation of satisfactory academic achievement and aptitude in the form of transcripts and testing scores. Sincere desire to succeed in the program and in a Nursing career must also be evident in the applicant, as well as good physical and moral health.


Admitted students are not guaranteed progression through SFU’s Nursing Program. In order to continue through the program, and eventually graduate with preparation to seek licensure as Registered Nurses, students must continuously demonstrate satisfactory academic performance as well as adherence to Saint Francis University’s health and behavior policies.

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