Roxbury Community College Nursing Program Review

Serving the greater area of Roxbury and Boston, Roxbury community college (RCC) is committed to be the college of choice for students seeking open enrollment, those seeking continuing education opportunities and those in pursuit of two-year programs. It is a co-educational institution of higher learning approved to offer associate degrees and certificate programs.

Nursing at Roxbury Community College

Nursing at Roxbury has two accredited and approved programs. The department is approved to offer the nursing programs by the commonwealth of Massachusetts and programs and programs are accredited by the NLNAC. A closer look at the nursing program is given below:

Nursing (AS)

The nursing (AS) degree at Roxbury community college prepares student s to become registered nurses by equipping them with a clinical and nursing theory component. This makes the students to be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam. Generally, the program takes a period of four semesters to complete.

Until the second semester, students are not able to take nursing courses. It is during the first semester that students take general education and math courses. They call this a prep semester and it takes up-to ten of the required credits for graduation. On the subsequent four semesters, students take nursing classes coupled with clinical experience classes. A minimum of 70 credit hours must be fulfilled for as a requirement for graduation, three of which are offered online.

Students can also apply for joint admission program at Framingham State University. This offers the students a direct entry into the RN to BSN program instantly after completion of the associate degree. It is one of the advantages of taking the associate degree program at Roxbury, since a joint program has a smoother transition into a BSN than articulation credit transfer. 

Transfer options are also available for Roxbury students into to the following college and universities:

  • Northeastern University
  • University of Massachusetts-Boston (For both traditional and online BSN program)
  • University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
  • Framingham State University
  • Simmons College (for a Master of Science in nursing) and
  • Emmanuel College

Practical Nursing Certificate

For future practical nurses at Roxbury community, the practical nursing certificate program is an ideal idea. The program prepares entry level nursing students to offer basic patient and bedside care. Students take three semesters with a first semester being referred to as a prep semester covering at least 6 credit hours for non- nursing courses. In total, 48 credit hours must be completed before graduation and eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. The outcome is the award of the practical nursing certificate that allows for licensure for practice in Massachusetts.

Due to high application numbers of application received, taking and passing of pre-requisite  course does not guarantee one a place at Roxbury community college. Admission is based on space availability only. It is also important to note that the college does not offer articulation agreements for this particular nursing program with other colleges.  Students having this plan in mind must reconsider admission to other colleges having that plan.

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