Roberts Wesleyan College Nursing Program Review

Roberts Wesleyan College (RWC) is a Christian liberal arts college located in North Chili, New York in the Rochester area. It was the first college founded for Free Methodists in North America. It is a small college with around 2,000 students enrolled. The college offers over 50 academic professional and pre-professional programs.

The campus is built in a park-like suburban setting. In addition, there is an award winning academic library and one of the area’s best performing arts centers. The college offers a close-knit community of students, small classes, and access to the faculty that is not usually found at larger institutions.

Nursing Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Roberts Wesleyan College offers a traditional bachelor’s degree in nursing. The nursing curriculum focuses on caring and wholeness and is built on a liberal arts base. Students must complete eight semesters including liberal arts and science, nursing core courses, and clinical experience that is necessary before graduation. Clinical practice begins in the second year and continues for five semesters. Clinical experience takes place in large medical centers as well as in community hospitals. It culminates in the senior year with the senior practicum, which is an experience in a field of nursing of particular interest to the student. These areas may be women’s health nursing, preoperative nursing, cardiopulmonary nursing, or other specialties. Besides academics, nursing students are involved in many different organizations at the college. They take part in organized sports, student government, and many other activities.

Some of the unique features of the Roberts Wesleyan College nursing program are that students are approached with a wholistic approach. Students are treated as having spiritual, social, psychological, and physical needs, and they are encouraged to approach patients in the same way. Students get a lot of personal attention and help if required at the college, and this is done in a Christian environment. Students are encouraged to lifelong service of God and society. Also, the college offers opportunities for foreign study to learn transcultural nursing and missionary nursing in other countries. After completing all of the required courses and clinical experience, students who have reached the graduation point qualify to take the NCLEX-RN. This is the national exam that is required to gain certification as a Registered Nurse.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in nursing (MS) offers two specialty options to students. These are Nursing Education and Leadership & Administration. The accelerated curriculum requires only 69 weeks of study with classes held only one night each week. A total of 39 credits of graduate study must be earned to qualify for graduation. The classes are held at Roberts and are taught by long-term nursing faculty that has worked with many graduate students for many years. The program uses a modular, cohort format that focuses on one course at a time. A graduate internship is required for both of these programs. When the programs are complete, students qualify to take the certification exam to attain the Nurse Educator or Nursing Leadership & Administration status.

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