Reading Area Community College Nursing Program Review

The faculty and administration of Reading Area Community College (RACC) in Pennsylvania is dedicated to providing diverse, multi-disciplinary educational opportunities to all adults who desire them. This open-enrollment institution offers a range of program options to give each student access to the knowledge and technical skills to compete in the workforce or pursue advanced education at other institutions.

Nursing Program Review

Nursing is a fulfilling, rewarding career field that brings a nurturing human element to the administration of medical care. Nurses assist physicians, dentists, surgeons and other medical professionals in offering a full range of treatment and care to patients in virtually all medical environments. There are also highly advanced nurses that maintain primary care roles for families and childbearing women. Due to the enormous responsibility and important role of nurses, and the constant changes in the healthcare system, there is currently a large deficit in nurses. The Nursing Program at Reading Area Community College prepares students for careers in this field through two track options. Successful completion of either of these courses of study qualifies students to sit for national licensing exams and prepares them for immediate employment.

Practical Nurse Program

This program is an intensive course of study designed to quickly provide career opportunity to successful graduates. After completion of any necessary prerequisite courses as are determined by placement exams, students can complete the core study in three semesters including a summer term. Students in this program must continuously demonstrate academic ability as well as mastery of the concepts presented in order to remain in the Nursing Program. Graduates of this program will be prepared for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse through the NCLEX-PN and have the option of seeking furthered education and career opportunities.

Registered Nurse Program

Those students interested in knowledge and technical skills beyond those offered in the Diploma Program have the option of enrolling in the Registered Nurse Program. This more rigorous program prepares students for greater responsibility and more complex roles within the nursing community, as well as placing them on the track for acquiring supervisory and introductory managerial positions. Registered Nurses directly supervise Licensed Practical Nurses and work closely with physicians and other medical professionals to develop and implement treatment plans for a wide range of patients. The RACC RN Program offers more general education courses, as well as in-depth study of Nursing concepts. Students will engage in both classroom lecture courses and complementary clinical experiences. These clinical experiences are offered in area medical settings and give students hands-on practice applying the concepts and procedures of the Nursing profession. Successful completion of this program prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and earn licensure as Registered Nurses.

Admission Requirements

Reading Area Community College operates under an “open admissions” policy, which means that it offers educational opportunities to any adult who has earned a high school diploma or GED and satisfactorily completes placement tests. Even if these qualifications are not met, individual students believing they could benefit from higher education and have the ability to handle the challenging work load of a college environment can meet with admissions representatives and be evaluated on a per-case basis. Each program within the college hold specific requirements which must be met before accepted students can enroll in that program’s courses. The Nursing Program requires such things as Criminal Background Clearance, a clean drug screening, CPR certification and documentation of a comprehensive medical examination and compliance with any physician recommendations.

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