Randolph Community College Nursing Program Review

Randolph Community College (RCC) is located in Asheboro. There are more than 25 degrees offered at the college, including nursing. Around 3,200 students are enrolled at the college. The college was established in 2008 and is a collaborative effort with Pfeiffer University and Salem College. All of these are located in Randolph County, and students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree by combining classes that are offered at these institutions. RCC is a member college of the North Carolina Community College System.

Nursing Programs

Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant program at Randolph Community College prepares students to be listed on the registry as a Nursing Assistant I and Nursing Assistant II. These workers are employed in doctors’ offices, home health agencies, nursing homes, extended care facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Admission to the program is based on how many seats are available in the program. Once it is filled, no more students will be accepted despite the open enrollment policy of the college. Phase I studies require a high school diploma or GED. In addition, applicants must take the placement tests required by the college, and if the minimum scores are not met then students must take remedial courses. For Phase II of the Nursing Assistant program, students must have CPR certification. Students must be available for clinical experience assignments at various times throughout the day, and they must be willing to travel up to 50 miles for these assignments.

Associate Degree Nursing

Randolph Community College offers an Associate Degree Nursing for students who wish to pursue a career as a professional Registered Nurse (RN). Although admission to the college is on an open enrollment basis, the nursing program has admission requirements and accepts students on a competitive basis. The program prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN, the national exam that leads to licensure as a Registered Nurse. Graduates from the program have opportunities to work in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, schools, industrial sites, and others. There is an Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) Day program and an Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) Evening and Weekend program available at the college.

Applicants who are interested in the program must first apply to Randolph Community College and take the placement testing that is required. Official high school transcripts and any college transcripts must be submitted. Applicants must have a grade of C or higher in high school biology and chemistry and high school algebra. If they do not have these, they must take them on the college level and earn at least a C in these courses. A grade point average of at least 2.5 is mandatory throughout the nursing program. Applicants must also take the TEAS exam to demonstrate that they have the academic readiness to complete the program.

Another important requirement is that applicants must have successfully completed Nurse Aide I training, including the clinical experience. They must have CPR certification and pass a physical and emotional health exam. The college uses a numerical ranking system to admit students that is based on TEAS scores. Points are also awarded for college level courses completed and the applicant’s high school grade point average. Residents of Randolph County are also given preference when determining which applicants to admit to the program.

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