Quinsigamond Community College Nursing Program Review

Since 1963, Quinsigamond community college (QCC) has offered higher education to the community around and beyond Central Massachusetts.  The college tries to reach the community from it its three campuses in Worcester, Upton and Southbridge. It is known to be one of the community colleges with the most affordable college fees in Massachusetts. The programs offered range from two-year associate degrees to shorter certificate programs and non-credit continuing education programs.

Nursing Education- Quinsigamond Community College

In the capacity bestowed to it by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Quinsigamond college offers accredited and approved nursing programs.  There are three associate of nursing degree routes and one certificate of practical nursing.

Nurse Education- Entry Level ADN

This is a two-year nursing program at Quinsigamond which equips future nurse with nursing skills. Students take a combination of liberal arts, general education and nursing courses.  After completion of the program, students are able to sit for the NCLEX-RN. The college has also formed articulation agreements with a number of universities and colleges to allow students have transfer of credits into a four-year BSN. The program is also available in evening and day options.

Career Mobility in Nursing

By embracing career mobility, Quinsigamond community college has two programs in advanced standing placement that leads to the award of the associate of nursing degree.

Advanced Placement LPN to ADN

If a LPN satisfies the admission to the ADN program, then they can be allowed to get the shortened route of becoming a registered nurse. The graduate must be from an accredited LPN program and must have current and unrestricted license for the State of Massachusetts.  The bridging courses given enable the student to benefit from credit exemption from the total required 72 credits.

Classes are offered in evening classes only and just like the entry level ADN, students are able to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. The same accrediting body of the ADN accredits this evening program.

Advanced Placement Paramedic to RN

This is one of the few paramedics to RN programs in Massachusetts. It is offered as an evening option with students covering a total of 73 credit units. Completion of co-requisites is required for entrance eligibility and they are basically known as a paramedic to RN bridge courses. In addition, students must provide prove of a current certification of Paramedics in Massachusetts.  Just like the other two nurse education programs, graduates will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Articulation agreements are available between Quinsigamond Community College and specific colleges and universities in Massachusetts for the three ADN routes.

Practical Nursing Program

The program prepares students for entry level nursing careers as licensed practical nurses.  Course covered fall in the biological, social and nursing sciences totaling to 46 credit hours. There is also extensive practical experience. On a full time basis, the program takes 40 weeks to complete after which, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. Students are then allowed to work in healthcare facilities as practical nurses providing direct care to patients.

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