Provo College Nursing Program Review

Located in Provo, Utah, Provo College (PC) offers degree and diploma programs for first-time students as well as individuals interested in updating their skills.

Provo College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ADN) in order to prepare individuals to apply to write the state licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Registered Nurses work in hospitals, physician’s offices and other healthcare settings. The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program is comprised of in-class instruction, laboratory work and clinical practicum. The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing is 24 months in duration and located at the Provo campus.

The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program has several required general education courses including; Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry and Human Development Across the Lifespan. In order to apply, individuals must submit their prerequisite course scores or test scores. There are several core program courses required once admitted to the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program including; Foundational Basis for Nursing, Therapeutic Treatment Modalities, Nursing Care, Acute Care Nursing, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Patient Care Management and many others. Provo College’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program is accredited by the Utah State Board of Nursing and the college is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Upon graduation, students are able to apply to write the state licensure examination in order to become a Registered Nurse. Individuals who complete the program and go on to become Registered Nurses, can work in a variety of healthcare institutions including; hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospices, schools, physicians’ offices, and many other healthcare organizations. Graduates of the nursing program at Provo College are trained in patient care, nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, therapeutic treatment interventions, medical and surgical as well as critical care nursing, leadership, mental health nursing, mother/baby and pediatric nursing, and community nursing. Graduates of the nursing program at Provo College are also taught licensure examination preparation, so that they can go on to write the NCLEX-RN examination, in order to become licensed as a Registered Nurse.


In order to apply to Provo College, individuals must hold a high school diploma or GED, complete the enrollment agreement or admissions application and submit to a criminal background check and drug screening.

Enrollment and Financial Aid

It is easy to enroll in the nursing program at Provo College, and can be done online or by mail. The faculty at Provo College is available to answer questions regarding financial aid and application information. In order to apply for financial aid, individuals must first apply for admission to the college and complete all of the Financial Aid Checklist. All of the Financial Aid Checklist items can be completed by scheduling an appointment with a Financial Services Representative or via printable forms through Provo College’s website. Individuals, who apply for financial aid, will be provided with a Tuition Planning Worksheet, and this form outlines the exact amounts of funding that individual students are able to receive once classes commence.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The Certified Nursing Assistant Program at Provo College is intended to train students to work as nursing assistants in various healthcare organizations. The program is 80 hours, which includes in class lectures, skills laboratory and clinical practicum. Twenty-four of the 80 hours are clinical practice. Upon completion of the program, individuals can sit the licensure examination in the state of Utah, in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Individuals must pay for the program prior to the program commencing and must purchase all textbooks and supplies.

Individuals enrolled in the program must complete all of the program requirements before being able to graduate and must prove that they are at least 16 years of age before being admitted into the program. Students must obtain BLS or CPR certification prior to being admitted into the program and must provide documentation of completion.

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