Presentation College Nursing Program Review

Presentation College (PC) is located in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It is a Catholic private college that was established in 1922. Around 790 students are enrolled at the college. Students of all faiths attend the college that offers bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificate programs. Although many different programs are offered at the college, it is known for its health and medical programs. Nursing is the most popular program at Presentation College, and students who are looking for a small college with a very low student to faculty ratio will want to consider attending this college.

Nursing Programs

Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Presentation College offers a Baccalaureate Nursing Program that leads to a Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN). Students take all of the required courses for a bachelor’s degree plus specialty nursing courses to prepare them for their career as a nurse. At least 127 credits are necessary for graduation. Graduates are prepared to take the NCLEX-RN that is required for licensure as a Registered Nurse after completing the program. Clinical experience is an important part of the program that prepares RNs to enter the workforce and work directly with patients in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, community agencies, and other healthcare facilities. A BSN prepares students for leadership roles in nursing if they begin working after graduation, or it is the preparation needed to continue studying for a master’s degree in nursing.

BSN Completion Program for RNs (RN to BSN)

Presentation College requires applicants to have a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Also, SAT scores must be at least 860, or an applicant must have an ACT score of at least 18. Applicants with scores below these are sometimes accepted on probation. The college also accepts students who were home schooled or who have completed their GED. The BSN completion program for RNs (Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science (BSN) is designed for nurses who have already earned their Associate degree or who have a diploma in nursing. The program can be completed in about half the time that it takes to complete a traditional BSN since credits from the nurse’s previous coursework can usually be transferred to the bachelor’s degree program.

LPN to BSN Completion

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to BSN Completion program is designed to allow LPNs who are currently licensed to earn their BSN. It takes between four to six semesters to complete the program that is all online. Clinical experience is also at one of the college’s virtual sites. Since students choose when they complete their work, they can keep working as they earn their BSN. At the end of the program, graduates take the NCLEX-RN for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

RN to BSN Completion

RNs can complete their BSN through Presentation College’s online program. All parts of the program are offered online, and clinical experience is completed near the student’s home area. The program takes 16 months to complete and can be done while the student works full-time. Applicants must have current licensure as an RN.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

Presentation College offers a two-year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program that trains students for entry-level jobs as a Registered Nurse. Students are trained in the technical side of nursing care, but they also take some liberal arts and science courses. At the completion of the nursing courses and clinical experience, graduates take the NCLEX-RN exam to become licensed as Registered Nurses.

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