Phoenix College Nursing Program Review

Phoenix College (PC)  is widely esteemed in the State of Arizona for its solid reputation in education. This undisputed recognition has made it a reference point among Maricopa Community Colleges. The college also boasts modern classrooms coupled with a list of state-of-the-art facilities that provide the necessary momentum for learning and student interaction.

Its diverse student body is represented by different ethnicities that attend the full-time, part-time, non-traditional, evening, and weekend classes it offers. Of notable mention is it’s a nursing program that rewards students with an Associate in Applied Science (Career Program Specified) in Nursing (AAS) and Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Nurse Assisting.

Associate in Applied Science (Career Program Specified)-Nursing

Theoretical and practical applications are the cornerstones and focal points of the nursing course offered by Phoenix College. Students gain experience by hands-on interaction with in-patients and out-patients during the course. The Arizona State Board of Nursing is the ruling institution that approved the nursing program offered by Phoenix College and accreditation comes through the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). After successful completion of the course, students are eligible to apply for their registered nurse license (RN) after passing the national exam.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Nurse Assisting

Students that are interested in entry-level employment in the health sector may consider the Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Nurse Assisting as a starting point towards their ultimate goal. Throughout the course, they are exposed to classroom, practical, and laboratory settings to strengthen their experience and knowledge in nursing. They can undertake a career as a nurse assistant once they have successfully passed the written and verbal exams that are approved by the Arizona State of Nursing.

Bilingual Nursing Program

Efforts are being made to increase the number of Spanish-speaking nurses that are entering the American workforce. The program is offered in English and additional Spanish classes are part of the traditional curriculum of the MaricopaNursing Program. The program is promoted through an agreement established between Phoenix College and South Mountain Community College. Once accepted into the program, students can complete the necessary courses that entitle them to an Associate in Applied Science.

The nursing courses offered at Phoenix College prepare students for more advanced studies since many of the subjects are pre-requisites.


Phoenix College awards a list of scholarships to students that submit a compelling Personal Statement, demonstrate relevant experience, voluntary service, and appropriate GPA. Some of the eligible scholarships that nursing students can apply for include:

-Udall Foundation Scholarships;

– Desert Schools community Service Scholarship-Graduating High School Senior;

– Desert Schools community Service Scholarship-College Freshman Scholarships;

-Foundation Hill Rotary Club Scholarship;

-Child Care Scholarship;

– Helping Hands for Single Moms Scholarship

– Honors Program Scholarships (Internal, Phoenix College Students)

There are also many external resources that can be considered to find the necessary funds to undertake nursing education at Phoenix College. Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid or Scholarship Office to get more information.

Under federal law, students awarded both external and internal scholarships may be over-rewarded, and this is not a favorable situation.

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