Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas Nursing Program Review

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) is a two-year higher education institution with campuses in Dewitt, Helena-West and Stuggart. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The history of the school dates back to as far as 1965. Since then, major expansion and reconstruction have adequately prepared it for the growing student body. 

The Associate Degree Nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). The school offers many interesting courses. Future nursing students that want to enter the world of healthcare will find the following programs there:

ADN Associate Degree Nursing

Various courses are taught throughout the curriculum with the intent of shaping students to better understand their roles as nurses and how these play out in dealing with patients. Students are also introduced to hands-on training that prepares them to interact with patients of all developmental and chronological ages. Strong emphasis is placed on how nurses communicate with patients to ensure that their needs are met regardless of any surrounding situation at the time. Entry into the program is also extended to students that are interested in proving their credentials through challenge or articulation. This includes any Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Psychiatric Technician Nurse (LPTN) who is ineterested. Upon successful completion of the course, students can sit the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Practical Nursing (PN) Program

The practical nursing program does not cover the scope and skills required to be a registered nurse. The course focuses on all the areas that students will need to integrate into their lives to better prepare them for attending to community needs. As such, when they have successfully completed the course they will be able to perform the functions of a practical nurse. Provided there are no hindrances, they will also be eligible to sit the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Nursing Assistant Program

Students are prepared to provide the daily assistance that is needed for home-based patients. This includes basic services that range from bathing, feeding, grooming, etc. It is important that applicants to the program have a strong sense of care and ability to work under stressful situations.  After completion of the course, they can sit the National Council Licensure examination for Nursing Assistants provided there are no hindrances.

Financial Aid

Phillips Community College has a wide list of financial aid opportunities that allow students to offset education costs and thus better focus on their studies. These opportunities take the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. The scholarships that are available to students (including nursing students) include:

1)     Chancellor’s Scholarship

2)     Academic Excellence Scholarships

3)     Technical Achievement Scholarship

4)     Foundation scholarships

5)     Single Parent Family Scholarship

6)     State of Arkansas Scholarships

Other forms of financial aid:

1)     Workforce Improvement Grant-Offered through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

2)     Career Pathways-Open to students that have received Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) or are currently receiving. Also those that are earn below 250% of the federal poverty. Must also be receiving food stamps, Medicaid, or ARKids.

3)     Individual Development Account- Provides assistance with tuition, books and fees through an assistance program with participating banks and low income families.

4)     Vocational Rehabilitation- Open to students that are physical or emotional handicaps.

5)     Workforce Investment Act- Provides assistance with tuition, books and fees.

6)     Federal Aid


Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas


1210 Rice Belt Ave
DeWitt, AR 72042


2807 Hwy 165 S, Box A
South Stuttgart, AR 72160

Helena-West Helena

1000 Campus Drive
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342

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