Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing Review

Beth Israel School of Nursing was founded in 1904 as part of the Beth Israel Medical Center. The nursing school served as a hospital-based training center for nurses without a formal nursing curriculum. In 1906, the school adopted a formal nurse training curriculum and hence started training professional nurses. In 1984, the school received a new name: Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing (PBISN) in honor of Seymour Phillips a former president of the school.

The Nursing Program-Philips Beth Israel School of Nursing

The nursing program at Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing has undergone a lot of changes since its inception in 1904. The program started off as an in-house training school for nurses before moving on to a degree awarding school. The program is a 2-year associate of science in nursing program that prepares students to become professional registered nurses. It is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. It has articulation and affiliation status with a number of colleges to ensure career advancement for its students. Continuing education for nurses is also offered at the school in association with Continuum Health Partners.

The Nursing Program

The traditional nursing program is designed to run for 2 academic years on a full time basis. There is only one admission cycle per year and candidates are expected to have submitted their nursing program application by 1st of April each year. The program accepts both fresh entry and transfer students. As a prerequisite for admission, all candidates must possess a Basic Life Support course in addition to current National League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-RN exam scores.

In addition to the traditional plan, there are a number of program completion options including a 3-year part time plan and an evening schedule. Those interested in the former are admitted in the fall semester while evening students commence classes in the spring semester

Phillips Beth Israel School of nursing does not itself offer general education and science courses for the associate of science in nursing program. Instead, students admitted as freshmen take all the general education and pre-requite courses at Pace University which the school has affiliations with. A total of 33 credits must be completed at Pace or transferred from another college for students to be eligible for nursing courses.

At the 2nd year level, students take 35 nursing courses on a face-to-face format. Successful completion of the entire curriculum gives the student education eligibility to apply and take the NCLEX-RN exam for initial licensure as a registered nurse. Students are also awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree.


PBISN has articulation agreements with Excelsior College and New York University. This enables its graduates to flawlessly transfer up-to 65 credits towards their Bachelor of Science in nursing degree programs.

Nurses Continuing Education

Phillips Beth Israel together with other partners of Continuum Health offers numerous Continuing education courses for registered nurses. The school is an approved provider of continuing education by the New York State Nurses Association. Courses at the Continuing education center are in the form of online courses, lecture based programs and nurse education workshops.

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