Pennsylvania College of Technology Nursing Program Review

An affiliate of the Pennsylvania State University system, Pennsylvania College of Technology (PCT, Penn College, Penn Tech) is proud to have the second-highest annual enrollment in the network of schools. The highly advanced campus of this College provides students with the technology and devoted instruction to succeed in a wide variety of programs.

Nursing Program Review

With the radical changes in the health system that have been seen in recent years there has be a surge in the need for skill medical professionals, particularly nurses. These workers provide crucial care to patients from simple injuries to complex illnesses and end-of-life situations. With a range of courses of study to choose from, the Pennsylvania College of Technology offers students interested in pursuing a career in the nursing field tremendous opportunity for foundation learning and progression to meet each individual’s personal and professional aspirations.

Practical Nursing Certificate Program

This program offers the most basic of Nursing education to allow students a fast path to fulfilling employment in the fast-paced world of nursing. This program can be completed in three semesters and prepares successful graduates to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. Passing this exam earns the graduate licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). These nurses, among the most highly sought-after, provide basic bedside care to the patients in virtually all medical situations. LPNs offer simple monitoring, stabilization and procedural care, such as taking vital signs or giving injections, while also addressing the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual patient and his family. LPNs work under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses, physicians and other medical professionals.

Associate of Applied Sciences in Practical Nursing Program

This program offers a more intense version of the Practical Nursing Certificate course of study. Students are given a more thorough theoretical knowledge foundation as well as more comprehensive clinical experiences. These nurses are prepared for employment in more difficult settings such as acute care hospitals and hospice centers. This program is designed to be completed in 17 months, and can be taken independently or as a means of furthering the education in the Certificate program.

Associate of Applied Sciences in RN Preparation Program

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers Nursing students two tracks for earning an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in the Nursing discipline. The RN Preparation track further enhances the knowledge and technical skills offered in an LPN program to allow graduates access to positions with more authority and responsibility. Either of these tracks also acts as preparation for baccalaureate-level study.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Traditional Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program and Penn Tech offers students the education and skill set to seek positions as staff nurses in many healthcare settings. These nurses engage in more advanced care of patients, as well as taking on entrance-level supervisory and managerial roles. Furthered education and experience can allow these students to progressively advance through the levels of their career field. This is an eight-semester program designed for the new student wishing to immediately pursue this type of work.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program

Penn Tech appreciates the desire of many nursing professionals to enrich their learning and achieve higher levels of education. To honor this, the school offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program. This program allows Registered Nurses who have already successfully completed a diploma or degree course of study to earn a BSN degree at an accelerated pace. Building on the knowledge and skills provided by their previous education, RNs will go through the remaining course work necessary to earn the baccalaureate degree. Full time students are able to complete the program in four semesters, though there are varying options available depending on the preparation of the student and the pace each individual chooses for the program.

Admission into the Nursing Program at Pennsylvania College of Technology is competitive in accordance with the challenging nature of the field. Students are expected to demonstrate not only academic achievement and aptitude, but also strong moral character and passion for the career ahead of them.

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