Operating Room Nursing Scholarships

How Students can get Operating Room Nursing Scholarships
Nursing students who plan to assist physicians during surgeries may be eligible for operating room nursing scholarships.  Students can access multiple resources to obtain these scholarships which can be used to help pay tuition costs as well as books and fees. And obtaining a scholarship can help you secure a better job after graduation. The following below are examples of various scholarship opportunities for operating room nursing students.

National Perioperative Nursing Scholarship Programs

Several national surgical nursing associations and membership organizations offer financial assistance to perioperative nursing students as well as operating room nurses. Each program has individual eligibility and application requirements that students must meet to qualify for financial assistance. The AORN Foundation is an example of a national organization that offers surgical nursing scholarships.

AORN Foundation

The Foundation is the funding arm of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN).  Three primary scholarship opportunities are available to nurses and nursing students. Professional Development Scholarships are for current nurses who need financial assistance for continuing education to increase competencies. CNOR Exam Scholarships cover the cost of study materials needed to pass the CNOR exam. The exam fee is also included in the award. Academic Scholarships are for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.  Only registered nurses and perioperative nursing students with at least a 3.0 GPA are eligible for support. Each financial assistance program has specific eligibility criteria and application deadlines. Awards vary. For applications and guidelines, students and nurses can contact the Foundation at 2170 South Parker Road, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80231 or by calling (800) 755-2676.

State Perioperative Nursing Scholarship Programs

Multiple state-wide organizations are potential sources of financial assistance for nursing students. For example, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has state chapters that provide additional scholarship opportunities to surgical nursing students. Following is an example of such an organization.

Florida Council of periOperative Registered Nurses

Nursing students and members of the Council may be eligible for several scholarships to help with education expenses. The Clifford Jordan Scholarship is for nursing students in their final year of study who plan to pursue a perioperative nursing career. Current perioperative nurses who seek additional education can also apply for this scholarship. Deadline for this opportunity is mid-January annually.  Award amounts vary. The Gerrie Helwig Scholarship is for nursing students who are currently enrolled in an accredited nursing school and interested in an internship in perioperative nursing. Only students who have completed two semesters of study can apply for this opportunity. Applications for this scholarship are due by the end of October annually. Scholarship awards are $250. For current applications and guidelines, contact the Council, c/o Scholarship Committee, 5207 East Whiteway Drive, Temple Terrace, FL 33617.

Educational Institute Perioperative Nursing Scholarship Programs

If you are currently enrolled in a nursing program and are preparing for a career as an operating room nurse, your school may offer nursing scholarships for this specialized area of study.  To learn about possible financial assistance opportunities, you can either contact the nursing department or the office of financial aid.  The following is an example of nursing program that offers scholarships for operating room nursing students.

Southwestern College (California)

Nursing students enrolled in the Perioperative Nursing Program are eligible to apply for scholarships from the College. Each scholarship has individual eligibility criteria and maximum award amounts. The College provides multiple workshops to assist students with personal essays and student education plans. Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to qualify for College scholarships.  All applications must be submitted by the end of February annually. To learn more about available scholarship opportunities, students can contact the Financial Aid Office which is located in the Student Service Center or by calling the Office at (619) 421-6700.

Employer-Sponsored Perioperative Nursing Scholarship Programs

Healthcare employers who offer nursing scholarships may have financial assistance opportunities specifically for operating room nurses or surgical nursing students.  If you are currently employed by a hospital, ask your employer if they offer such scholarships to employees.  The following are examples of employers who provide nursing scholarships to operating room nurses and nursing students.

Unity Health Foundation

Through the Foundation, the Unity Health System offers scholarships to undergraduate nursing students interested in perioperative nursing careers.  Eligible students must be graduating seniors from participating nearby high schools. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, letters of recommendation, and personal essay.  Applications are due to the Foundation by the end of February annually. Awards are usually around $1,000. Interested students can contact the Foundation at 1555 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14626 or by calling (585) 723-7050.

Community-Based Perioperative Nursing Scholarship Programs

Perioperative nursing students can apply for scholarships from local organizations that offer such financial assistance.  The most common resource for scholarships is foundations. Many foundations restrict eligibility to applicants who reside in their service area.  The CarolinaEast Foundation is an example of a foundation that offers scholarships to nursing students who are interested in pursuing a career as an operating room nurse.

CarolinaEast Foundation

Nursing students who plan to become perioperative nurses and are currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program may be eligible to apply for a Joseph Hageman Memorial Nursing Scholarship.  Students who are pursuing a four-year nursing degree in are eligible for $5,000, and students who will earn a two-year nursing degree can apply for $2,000. Students must be residents of, and plan to work in, Pamlico, Jones, and Craven counties to qualify for financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, future plans, and letters of recommendation. Applications are typically due to the Foundation by mid-April annually. For applications, contact the Foundation at P.O. Box 1576, New Bern, NC 28563 or by calling (252) 633-8247.

Students enrolled in accredited nursing programs can apply for operating room nursing scholarships if they plan to pursue a career as a surgical nurse.  Scholarships can help cover tuition costs and other educational expenses such as books, fees, and certification exams.