Online Registered Nursing Degrees

Earning a nursing degree from home has become easier as there are numerous online nursing schools offering online RN degrees. This has alleviated the requirement of nursing students to attend physical classes in a school environment.

However, as nursing is not complete without practical skills and one-on-one patient-student interaction, we cannot conclusively say that there entire online RN degree programs. Students who take such degrees must liaise with the nursing school to ensure their practical sessions are conducted and supervised accordingly. You cannot be certified or given licensure to practice as a RN without having attended a minimum number of clinical practical sessions provided by your states’ board of nursing.

Online Associate of Science in Nursing Degrees

The easiest and fastest route to becoming a RN is by taking an ASN degree. Currently, this degree program is being offered online by numerous nursing schools. But as mentioned earlier, it is not entirely possible to earn a nursing degree online as the profession requires a lot of hands-on training as part of the curriculum.

The way around the nursing clinical sessions is that online nursing schools blend their study program to include both on-site training and online classes.

Typically, the theory classes are taken online while the student must be on-campus for clinical practical instructions. On the other hand, if the student is not within the campus environs, the nursing school can make special affiliations with hospitals around the locality of the student to enable the student take their clinical practicum.

Online Paramedic to RN Bridging programs

This is a bridging degree program that enables paramedics the transition to registered nurses by means of an accelerated study mode. Paramedics are very busy and would in normal situations, not be able to attend campus classes.

Such programs take up-to 18 months to complete and do not require students to be on site for much of the study duration. Just like the RNs who earn their ASN degrees online, practical classes must be arranged prior to registering to become eligible for certification. This can be done with crush programs in campus or by nearby affiliated health care facilities.

LPN to RN degrees

Licensed Practice Nurses who wish to become RNs can also enroll for accelerated online LPN to BSN programs. Students who have active practice nurse licensure are able to apply to credit exemptions whereby, they can complete the programs in a shorter period of time; usually not more than12 months.

There is also an observed increment in the number of enrollments recorded for students transitioning from LPN to BSN via online programs.

Advantages of Online Registered Nursing Degrees

This blend of the two study modes: online and on-campus saves valuable time for the students who would have not afforded to be in class the whole time. It is also beneficial to the nurse students who do not want to lose their day jobs.

The learning mode uses web conferencing, ANGEL and other online-based learning management systems to deliver the curriculum to the students. The courses that are covered using the online mode of learning include pathology, anatomy, basic nursing processes and physiology.

Certification and Accreditation for Online Registered Nursing Degrees

To be on the safe side, students must always ascertain their online schools of choice are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. NLNAC is the body that ensures all nursing schools offer up-to standard training for nurses.

In addition to accreditation by NLNAC, students must confirm the number of hours set by their States’ Board of Nursing for eligibility to sit for National Council Licensure Exam for RNs (NCLEX-RN). This allows students to be recognized by their States’ Board of Nursing as eligible to practice as registered nurses in that particular state.

Requirement for licensure varies between states and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they adhere to the set guidelines.