Online LPN to BSN Programs

For an ambitious professional, few things can be as important as obtaining that bachelor’s degree. Just as those degrees are important in the corporate workplace, in the medical field it can make the difference when it comes to promotions and job opportunities.

With a handful of online LPN to BSN programs to choose from, you’ll be able to get your bachelor’s degree on your own terms.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing?

LPNs often want to progress to RN status, mostly because the average salary of an RN tops $65,000 per year, but also because of the increased respect and job opportunities that come with the position. While achieving a BSN is certainly not necessary to pass the NCLEX and acquire your RN license, a BSN can give you the experience and education you need to stand above the competition.

Whether you’d eventually like to head up a nursing team or you simply want increased opportunities when it comes to LPN or RN jobs, a BSN from an accredited college can open up doors you never thought possible. And, thanks to modern technology, you can take classes from the comfort of your own home, during off hours. Be sure to look at online LPN to BSN programs with the flexibility to let you take classes at your leisure, with no set time to be online.

Distance Learning for Your Benefit

The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing’s LPN to BSN degree completion program offers online courses in combination with three to four Saturday classes per semester at the university’s Oklahoma campus. The university has campuses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, which is convenient for those who live in that part of the country.

Through its FlexNet program, the University of Phoenix offers an LPN to BSN degree. This allows you to attend classes at your leisure if you choose or attend classes in person if you prefer. The LPN to BSN degree is currently only offered at select campuses, so your local school may not participate.

Excelsior College offers associate’s degrees in nursing, allowing you to take the next step toward your RN license, which will allow you to qualify for BSN programs, as many tend to give preference to those who are licensed. Excelsior’s learning is online, but its campus is located in Albany, New York.

Indiana State University’s LPN to BSN degree program can be done anywhere, thanks to ISU’s distance learning program. With classes conducted via the web, the school also incorporates video and audio learning in its online curriculum.

LPN to BSN: Hard to Find?

Many colleges tend to gear their BSN programs toward those who are already licensed. While there are a few exceptions, after some deep research you may want to consider getting an associate’s degree or taking the NCLEX to get that RN license before embarking on a bachelor’s degree. Full nursing degrees are plentiful in traditional learning environments, but online learning is a different matter. With many schools giving you credits toward your BSN for having your RN license, colleges have a hard time making up for all the clinical experience you must receive when you don’t have your RN license already.

While the NCLEX certainly isn’t easy, several colleges offer NCLEX preparation courses, including Kaplan Test Prep and Hurst Review Services. While these courses aren’t free, having an RN license can do wonders for your salary, especially once you’re enrolled in that BSN program and well on your way to achieving your bachelor’s degree.

If you’re an LPN considering online LPN to BSN programs, you may find a smaller choice than if you were considering attending classes on campus. Unfortunately, the online experience can’t replace your need for hands-on experience, which you get by attending classes. Consider first taking the NCLEX to have your RN license before applying to colleges. You’ll probably find that you don’t have as much trouble obtaining that bachelor’s degree after you have that RN license in hand.