Oncology Nursing Scholarships

Oncology Nursing Scholarships for Students and Nurses
Receiving oncology nursing scholarships can help students pay for their education in this highly specialized field of study.  Oncology nurses often work at major medical treatment and research facilities across the country. The cost of a nursing education is daunting but can be managed when students get scholarships which are available from a variety of sources.

National Oncology Scholarships

There are national oncology organizations that administer scholarship programs.  Nursing students and oncology nurses can apply to these programs for financial assistance to begin or continue their education.  The following is an example of a national organization that offers scholarships to oncology nursing students.

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation

The Foundation offers numerous scholarships to oncology nursing students enrolled in accredited nursing programs. Scholarships for students pursuing a bachelor degree in nursing include the Roberta Pierce Scofield Scholarship. Scholarships for advanced studies are also available. An example of a post-graduate scholarship is the Ann Olsen Doctoral Scholarship. Each scholarship has individual eligibility requirements. Award amounts range from $2,000 to $5,000 for these particular scholarships.  Applications are due to the Foundation by the end of January annually.  Interested students can obtain applications and guidelines from the Foundation at 125 Enterprise Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275 or by calling (866) 257-4667.

State Oncology Scholarships

Each state has nursing scholarship opportunities that oncology nursing students may be eligible to apply for to help pay for school.  In addition to state government resources, there are foundations and organizations that provide state-wide financial assistance opportunities to nursing students who are either residents of the state or attend school in the state. Following is an example of a state program that offers scholarships to oncology nursing students.

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Oncology nurses that specialize in ovarian cancer care in Minnesota may be eligible for an Anita Lubov Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship is to be used to help pay for conference attendance for the purpose of continuing education. Individual award amounts vary with a total of $3,000 awarded each year. Scholarship requests are due to the Alliance by the end of October annually. For applications, students can contact the Alliance at 4604 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407 or by calling (612) 822-0500.

Educational Institute Oncology Scholarships

Nursing schools and programs often offer scholarships for currently enrolled students.  You can learn about scholarships available through your school by contacting the financial aid office or the nursing department. You will need to get applications and guidelines for each scholarship that interests you.  Following is an example of a school that offers scholarships to nursing students specializing in oncology.

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Numerous scholarships are offered by the University and several are specifically for students enrolled in the School of Nursing.  The Joyce Lee Harper Scholarship is intended to recognize oncology nurses with excellent care experience. This scholarship is open to nursing students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and are pursuing a bachelor or master degree. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, relevant work experience, personal essay, and letters of recommendation. Award amounts are $500. Applications are typically due in December annually. Students interested in this opportunity can contact the School at (310) 243-2059 for applications.

Employer-Sponsored Oncology Scholarships

Your employer may offer nursing scholarships to employees.  If you work for a healthcare provider such as a hospital, they may provide scholarships for oncology education.  You can find out of these opportunities are available by asking your boss or a human resources representative.  The following is an example of an employer that offers scholarships to nursing students specializing in oncology.

Riverside Medical Center

Through the Riverside HealthCare Foundation, employers and local students interested in becoming oncology nurses may be eligible for the Mehmet Siphai, M.D. Oncology Nursing Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, personal essay and interview, letters of recommendation and documented financial need. Award amounts are $1,500 and can be applied to tuition costs or other educational expenses including room and board.  Applications are due by the end of April annually. Applications must be submitted to the Professional Development Council, c/o Riverside HealthCare, 350 North Wall Street, Kankakee, IL 60901.  If you have general questions, you can call (815) 935-7256.

Community-Based Oncology Scholarships

Nursing students may have access to community-based scholarships.  Nonprofit healthcare organizations and local foundations are the best resources for oncology scholarships. Each scholarship program will have individual eligibility requirements which will likely include residency.  This means you need to be a resident of the community to receive financial assistance. Following is an example of a funder that offers scholarships to nursing students.

J. L. Morrill Fund

Students who live in the Southern Mountain District of Kentucky and plan to pursue a degree in oncology nursing are eligible for scholarships from the Fund.  Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, personal essay, future goals, and documented financial need. Students must agree to work in the community after graduation although there are no specific commitment requirements.  Award amounts vary and there is no deadline for application submission.  For applications and guidelines, contact the Fund, c/o Berea College, Director of Financial Aid, C.P.O. 2348, Berea, KY 40404.

Oncology nursing scholarships can be of tremendous help in paying for your college education.  In addition to general nursing scholarships, applying for these specific scholarships can increase your chances of getting significant financial aid.