Ohlone College Nursing Program Review

The Ohlone Community College is one of the leading colleges in California. Ohlone College is an institution that aims to  deliver on new innovations; and provide continuous improvement within all its divisions and departments. This college  serves its local population and currently offers more than 160 degree and academic programs.

Registered Nursing Program

There are several aspects to this Registered Nursing (RN) Program; such as the “Human Simulator” which is a practical instruction and the clinical learning sites that Ohlone offers. These two features provide additional learning resources that help students to pass their exams with ease. In this Nursing Course you will also have the opportunity to study with students from various multi-cultural ethnicities.


Before you enroll in the Registered Nursing Program, you must meet their requirements. These include the following: You have to complete the Classic Course at Ohlone College, or have completed an equivalent course at another institution. Some of the Classic Course prerequisites are ENG 101A (Reading and Written Composition) as well as ENG-163 or 167 (College Reading Techniques). Prospective students should also have completed various other courses such as Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology.

Associate of Science – A.S. Degree

This degree program will prepare students for working directly with patients; such as in long term care institutions, hospitals and clinics. Students will undertake basic nursing and support courses during their first year; to support their major. Courses will become more structured and specific as the second year commences; focusing on patients ranging from infants to elders. There are no specific certificates for this major; and this course prepares students for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam, which will help to prepare them for the title of Registered Nurse (R.N.).


In order for students to be accepted into the A.S. Degree, they must ensure that they have completed at least 12 prior study units at Ohlone College; and that they have completed a major field with a grade of C or better.

Generic RN Transfer

Students who completed their R.N. Program at a different college may apply; and they will receive transfer credits for their course work. Credits are rewarded for Nursing Support Courses, as well as General Education Courses.

Advanced Placements

With this placement option, Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN’s) as well as Psychiatric Technicians (Psych Tech) with a license in California may be accepted into the nursing program, should there be space available for them to do so. As part of the selection process of the College, students need to have a valid LVN License, completed all the educational prerequisites, and have a minimum of one year working experience as a LVN or a Psych Tech.

Alternative Options for LVN Students

LVN’s might be eligible to take the RN licensed exam (NCLEX-RN) if they have successfully completed 30 study units. These students however, will only be licensed in California and they will need the AS Degree to be licensed in other States.


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Ohlone College Newark Center
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