Ohio Valley General Hospital Nursing Program Review

Ohio Valley General Hospital (OVGH) in Pennsylvania was established in the early 1900s specifically as a nonprofit, religiously-neutral care facility. Its small capacity was quickly overwhelmed and a new wing was opened. After 40 years a new building was erected to address the growing needs of the hospital and expansion has continued as the hospital works to provide care and treatment to its range of patients.

Nursing Program Review

Ohio Valley General Hospital has always operated under the mission of providing high-quality care and comprehensive treatment to its patients. The Ohio Valley General Hospital was created with the same spirit, devoted to producing skilled and compassionate nurses to fill the ever-growing need. Though it admitted its first students in 1901, the Nursing School did not get its own building until the late 1950s. Since then, OVGH has continually renewed its Diploma Program to keep up with the changes of the industry and medical knowledge.

Length of Program

The original program at Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing covered three years of study. Now, offering a more intensive curriculum featuring a strong element of self-discipline and motivation, students are able to complete the program and earn their Diploma in less than two years. This time is divided between classroom learning and clinical experiences.

Admission Policy

Admission into the Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing is appropriately challenging to ensure students are qualified and prepared for the rigors of a thorough Nursing education. Applicants must demonstrate necessary academic achievement and aptitude through submission of high school transcripts or secondary program records, any college transcripts and transfer credits, satisfactory scores on admission exams and a personal statement describing achievements. This statement should also speak to the applicant’s personal and professional goals and achievements, as well as addressing his or her reason for wanting to pursue a nursing career. Applicants must also offer letters of recommendation, and a disclosure form confirming that he has been informed of all statistical aspects of the program.

The nature of professions in the nursing field requires that workers have a high standard of morals and character. To address this, applicants must show FBI, Child Abuse and Criminal Background Clearance, as well as clear drug screenings.

Academic Policy

The OVGH School of Nursing expects its students to maintain high quality of performance throughout their academic and training careers. In order to continue work through the program, and to progress on to further terms, students must always maintain a minimum grade of “C” in all courses. Any student who fails a Nursing course, whether in lecture or clinical format, will be dismissed from the School of Nursing. Should dismissal occur, students are given one opportunity to re-enroll and increase performance. Successful completion of this program entitles students to the Diploma of the school as well as qualifies them to sit for the NCLEX and be licensed as Registered Nurses.

Course of Study

This intensive two-year program is structured around two progressive levels of instruction. The material presented increases in difficulty as students are met with classroom-based lecture and corresponding clinical experience instruction. These clinical experiences are offered as hands-on training and practice to prepare students for the functional realities of a nursing career.

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